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Title bar removed from latest Opera on Ubu 16.04?

  • Because "they know better than you".
    Plus, when the changes from one major version to another are almost zero for the average user (e.g. opera 58, compared to 57, ONLY introduced the option to "warn before closing multiple tabs" and nothing more), you realize that something that classifies as "less important stuff" for you is a "major improvement" for the dev.
    Altering the csd buttons just for linux will probably mean they will have a different code for them (= the buttons) to maintain for all future releases.

    I think I will make a thread on "what still bugs me with opera" so I can share my thoughts with everyone else in here...

  • Eight months after my original post and still no change. No menus. No O menu. Clearly a major bug. Worst published mistake from Opera since I started using it in, what?, 1998? Quite appalling.

  • Yesterday, I remembered that this thing exists

    It is supposed to disable csd on apps that support it. And it does work, mainly with gnome apps, but it does not work on opera. Launcing opera like so

    gtk3-nocsd opera

    just launches another instace of opera, with the csd.
    This makes me assume opera's csd is as hardcoded as the gtk theme it uses, so there will be no change anytime soon.

  • Just to say that they RUINED the browser on Linux with the CSD choice.
    I am asking myself how has been possible possible to make such a radical, counterproductive and absolutely wrong choice. It costs about nothing to allow who wants it to show the titlebar.
    Why remove it to get an app looking so bad that one wants only to remove it just to not even have the possibility to look at it.

  • I am a long-time Opera user, and I have been very much satisfied with this piece of software, that I've been using on Windows. But now as I am moving to Linux on my home machine, I just realized, that the CSD of the Opera window while fits in well with the Windows 10 UI design, it ruins the consistency of the look on the Linux desktop.
    I wish the option came back to use the title bar. I love Opera, but just looks so out of place on my Linux desktop 😞

  • back to native window decorations! PLEASE!!!

  • @gleycon If you are tired of Opera's lay-out nowadays it is possible to get the Otter Browser. Controlled by the user, not vice versa. It's a rather new browser and goes back to the best aspects of the classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5. It's not as big as Opera today, but however it can be a good answer to less development on your favourite browser..

    Less is beautiful!! 😄

  • A year. Pathetic. What happened?

  • Obviously, the devs have no interest in fixing it.

  • @jimunderscorep No doubt. But when did they give up on us?

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