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How can I stop the automatic downloading?

  • If I want to listen to a music file on a website or forum, when I click on it, the file is automatically downloaded instead of having it simply played instead. Is there a way to have a choice of either downloading or just playing the file? This also happens with some pictures as well. I would just rather have a choice in what is downloaded to my computer.

  • @graywoulf It probably means that the file is not supported by Opera or that the site is sending wrong information.

  • I appreciate your reply however, I do not think that every site that I visit could be sending the wrong information. I feel that the downloading of any file should be an option unless it is specifically set as a download link in that particular site. As I stated, this also happens occasionally with pictures on some sites as well. Also, I feel that this could pose a serious security threat not having full control of ALL downloads. Being only able to set a preference for download location is not sufficient. I just do not understand why this option is not available. I did not have this issue with IE 11.

  • @graywoulf Ifd it's happening on all sites then something may be wrong. Take a look at and do the steps.

  • @graywoulf Even when you play a file online, in the page, it is downloaded.

  • @leocg said in How can I stop the automatic downloading?:

    @graywoulf Even when you play a file online, in the page, it is downloaded.

    Yes it is. It's called a "Temporary Download" or Temporary file or something of that nature in IE 11. I never was forced to download every file I wanted to just simply view or listen to just to in IE 11 and I still do not think it should automatically be sent to my download folder in Opera just to be able to hear or see the file.

    I'm not going to reset my Opera browser to see if it makes a difference just to have all of my Speed Dials and settings possibly deleted. If this were a much serious issue that kept me from using my browser as intended then I would certainly take that option.

    As I said before, there needs/should be an option to either view or play a file from it's current location.

    I really like this browser over any other browser but I cannot help but feel that it still needs more refinements in this area.

  • When you play a (media) file online on the browser, it goes to the browser's cache. And it still happens in Opera if the file format and codec are supported.

    Your profile folder may be broken and the only way to check it is by creating a new one. If the problem is solved, then you can copy the data from the old profile, one by one, to see what was causing the issue.

  • I would be willing to try that if I knew more about the process. I can't say that I have experienced any other kinds of issues with my browser.

  • @graywoulf There are instructions in the linked post. Just rename the folder and Opera will create a new one.

  • I looked in the help page and found the reference to my profile location. I could not find any folder or file that was labeled "Profile". That whole process is too much of a hassle and I really do not think that it would help in my situation. I am using Opera on both my laptop and my desktop PCs and the download issue is the same on both of them.

    I truly feel that the lack of download options in Opera is the main problem and apparently there is no way to work around it so I guess I will have to live with Opera the way that it is unless the developers address the issue of there not being any selectable options for file downloads.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.

  • @graywoulf There is no folder named profile. The profile folder is the one whose path you can see in the About Opera page.

  • There seems to be a little confusion here, could you follow the instructions and explain exactly what the problem is?

    Example of pages kn which you are having issues playing files may be helpful.

  • You can't stop it from downloading if the music is on the website as a file & not embeded in a media player within the webpage. As for images, they should open within the webpage, I'd say for the images issue your settings have gotten messed up..

    Myself, I would download the latest version of Opera, export any bookmarks then uninstall Opera completely & delete all the Opera folders on your device, they often contain data files that will mess things up when you intall over a previous version.

    There are 3 folders on a Windows PC that need deleting once you uninstall Opera, But first you have to go into "folder options" in control panel, select the "view" tab & check the box that says "show hidden files, folders & drives".

    Once done you can delete the Opera folders found in these 3 locations on your PC
    C:\Program Files

    Reboot then install the latest version & import any saved bookmarks.

  • Thank you vpnone for that explanation and advice. I wish that you had been the first to respond to my post as your explanation has clarified what is happening when I want to listen to a music file. The picture file downloads are very rare and not really a concern. I do still however wish that there was an option to either download a music file or direct it to my music player. So. with your information, I consider this matter solved and done with.

  • Actually, I think the "problem" here is known long ago on this forum and to Opera makers.
    People were asking for an option what to do with the file when clicked on it - just like it was in IE and some other browsers. You click on a file and the browsers pop up window comes and gives you option what to do with that file - run/open, save or cancel.
    That function is still missed here i think.

  • @deestonic You hit the nail on the head. I don't understand why leocg cannot get this exact point. I am glad to know that I am not the first to bring this up and really glad that some of you get what I am saying. Its all about having an option to download or not to download for the most part but furthermore, also having the option to play a .mp3 file from it's current location. Simple as that. Thanks for your input on this.

  • Try these for example. They should all play in Opera without downloading.

    For a file to play in Opera, it depends on the mime type the server sends or its extension, the content-disposition (inline or attachment(attachment tells the browser to download instead)) the sever sends, whether Opera supports playing the file (the container and the codec(s) in it), and whether the type is enabled (by Chromium) for embedded playback. If all of that is correct, it'll do what you want. If the server isn't set up right, the browser is going to ask you to download it as that's all it can do or that's what the server told it to do.

    Yes, it'd be nice if the user could override the handling of a type when the user knows what he's doing, but that's not something available right now.

  • Thanks for the information and your time gathering those links. Yes, I can play a lot of files on line such as files on the SoundCloud website but I want to listen to some mp3 files in a forum I hang around in but I always have to download those, listen to them and then I have to go to my download folder and delete them. That might sound like a trivial thing to most but if I find a lot of mp3 files I want to listen to then it gets to be a hassle.

    Yes, the override option would be very nice for those files. Hopefully, someone is watching this thread that can make that happen... and soon.