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  • @towerplease
    opera.exe = vpn on = (that is if you decide to use opera's vpn instead of company's vpn..
    = Ip Range - Tcp = Asia = Tcp Port 443
    = Ip Range - Tcp = Europe = Tcp Port 443
    = Ip Range - Tcp = Americas = Tcp Port 443

    umm.. i see this one sumtimes.. may see it when vpn is off..
    = Ip Range - Tcp = Tcp Port 443

    opera_autoupdate.exe = vpn on or off
    = Ip Range - Tcp = Tcp Port 443 = + your DNS TOO (i think)

    Note - sumtimes if when opera vpn does not connect.. or sumthin not right.. its cause Akamai Technologies, Inc wanna connect 1st.. (Big Brother i guess).. lol not always but sumtimes..

    Ip Range - tcp = tcp port 80

  • Hey @nvmjustagirl

    so... i added all the IP-Ranges you said. But still the updates gives me a damn Error 😕
    I also was looking a bit in our FW-Logs, but i cannot find anything wrong, i get some packets "ALLOWED" by the Opera-Rule. There are only 2 IP's Blocked. 1 Which is from America, and whon from "KabelDeutschland". But i think they are not associated with Opera.

    Is not any Opera dev around the forum? He should know, which Networks, IP-Ranged and stuff needs to be unblocked. Maybe there is a kind of "Logviewer" for Opera which can show what the Problem is while Updating...

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • @towerplease Did you try checking the Opera updater log?

  • @towerplease i got to think 'n even if ya don't have all the ips, you do know the ports which ya could allow any ips..

    and i think ya pretty much got these basic ports for opera configured in your firewall (your udp dns port - tcp port 80 - tcp port 443)

    so what if opera.exe & opera_autoupdate.exe has got or needs listen 'n port..

    i've loaned my my test 'n laptop for the weekend..

    but from what i saw both need listen 'n ports.. i can only see them for a split sec.. lol

    i can't see port numbers but do know it the local port..

    opera.exe need a Local Udp port
    opera_autoupdate.exe needs Local Udp Ports too..

    add it to firewall rules to see if it helps..

    i've got sum older ips i found that i never see n e more.. but i will post them later.. when i get that laptop back..

  • @towerplease i never see these Opera Ips lately

    Ip Range - tcp = tcp Port 443
    Ip Range - tcp = tcp Port 443
    Ip Range - tcp = tcp Port 443
    Ip Range - tcp = tcp Port 443

  • @leocg Thank you for the reply, where are the logs stored? I can't find any in C:\Program Files\Opera. That Logs would be very interesting!

    Thank you in advance!

  • @nvmjustagirl Thank you for the reply!

    I have added the IP's you mentioned, and added everything with UDP too -> (HTTP/HTTPS 80/443 -> UDP and TCP)
    But its not working, still getting "The update could not be downloaded" error.

  • @leocg I found the log in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable, but the autoupdater log is empty. 😕

  • Anyone wanna solve the Problem? Any opera Dev has to know which URL/IP/Port needs to be opened to get updater working. 😕

  • @towerplease I've mentioned it to some Opera folks, but no response.