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Import bookmarks from Opera 15/12 to Opera 21

  • I am running Win 7 newly intalled.
    Upgraded to Opera 21 from 15 on WinXPsp3.
    Install did not bring across my bookmarks and there does not appear to be any way of doing this in Opera 21.

  • the
    Opera (Customize and Control) button / More Tools / Bookmark Importer link is not live.

  • Not sure what you mean by "Upgraded to Opera 21 from 15 on WinXPsp3" when you are "running Win 7 newly intalled". How did you manage that ?, I'm confused.

  • sorry - it is confusing.

    I have installed Win 7 as the NTLDR and NDETECT files were corrupted on Win XPsp3.

    The opsys install was to a different harddrive and I left the WinXP install intact. WinXPsp3 has Opera 12 or whatever is the latest version before 21.

    I installed Opera 21 onto the Win7 environment.

    It did not detect nor install the earlier version Opera bookmarks or anything else from the redundant version. I did not expect it to do this, however I could not see how to transfer the bookmarks from the earlier version to the new version 21. I can locate the .adr file in the directory established by Opera v12.0. If I only have to copy this file over then I can do that but to which Target directory in Opera 21 install?

    The Opera (Customize and Control) button / More Tools / Bookmark Importer link is not live on the version 21 Opera installed under Win 7 on my machine and I cannot find any way to transfer from the earlier to the latest.

  • oops! and

    Thank you very much for your reply too.....


  • Is Opera 12 now on the same Computer as Opera 21. If you have the Opera 12 installed now on the same computer, and the bookmarks.adr file is located in the Opera 12 profile, then in Opera 21, activate the personal bookmarks bar in settings/browser/User Interface (Show the bookmarks bar), and then go to More Tools, bookmarks importer, and click on it: it should install the bookmarks.adr file into Opera 21. So the bookmarks should show up in Opera 21.

    I get a bit confused from your reference to Opera 15. As long as you have the Opera 12 bookmark.adr file, all you need to do is have Opera 12 on the same computer (same Windows 7 Operating system) as Opera 21. Have that bookmarks.adr file in that Opera 12 profile. And then your should be set to use the bookmarks importer in Opera 21 to make the transfer.

  • Yes, you need to install Opera 12.xx to the Win7 environment, then copy your needed *.adr files to the profile folder of the freshly installed Opera 12.xx profile folder (usually 'AppData / roaming / opera / opera'), then run Opera 21 and the Bookmark importer menu item should become active.

  • Thanx blokes!

    I have installed Opera v12.15 into the Win 7 enviro and imported the .adr via the bookmarks import process in V12.15.

    Opening Opera 21 in the Win 7 enviro I still do not have the

    Opera (Customize and Control) button / More Tools / Bookmark Importer link live and I cannot find any way to transfer from the earlier to the latest.

    Any further suggestions appreciated.

    Cheers folks!!

  • I'm wondering if I have a dud copy.
    The .adr file under the Opera 21 install is showing more than k in size yet I have three added bookmarks in the bookmarks taskbar.

    There does seem to be a complete lack of previous version's bookmark menu approach to accessing the stored bookmarks.

    I feel that Opera has creept me out.

  • It sounds like in opera 21, you went to to Settings (Alt P) and under User Interface, have a dot in Show the Bookmarks Bar. That's where the three bookmarks are showing up?

    And in Opera 12, you say you imported the bookmarks.adr file. Did the bookmarks in fact show up in Opera 12? What I mean is, in Opera 12, go to Tools, Appearance, Toolbars, and put the check in Show the Bookmarks bar. Now do you see the bookmarks from that bookmarks.adr file showing up in opera 12 on that bar (I want to make sure the adr file isn't somehow corrupt).

    If the bookmarks are showing up in the bookmarks bar in Opera 12, then in Opera 21, the Bookmarks Importer should not be greyed out, but should work. As long as you have selected "Show the Bookmarks bar" in Opera 21, when you use the Importer, the bookmarks should show up on the Opera 21 Bookmarks bar. If they don't I'm at a loss. Maybe someone else will have an idea.

  • @yahooii,

    Take a look at this discussion on getting the Bookmarks Importer to work.

  • Warm regards and best wishes for your clearly well intentioned help and research.
    I have decided that it should not be this difficult and is way beyond where I wanted to be. I will wait until Opera sorts it and tells the world it is sorted.

    Thanks very much blokes, adios!