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Everytime I close Opera, websites automatically logs out.

  • I've got this problem for a week or two I think. Some websites keep logged in(e.g Twitter, Facebook) but most of them (like Google, Youtube, Steam, Reddit, Some local websites in Turkey etc.) logs out everytime I close Opera Browser. There was a Microsoft Update and I'm not so sure but I think the problem starts after it. I searched the forum and some other peaople experience the same problem like three or four months ago but can't find any solution. What can I do about it?

  • @ubsaral Did you do the required steps?

    Do you have cookies enabled? Any security/privacy software that may be removing data from Opera?

  • There isn't any privacy oriented extension in browser. The cookies are enabled in the settings. I looked the required steps and create a new profile. With new profile I think the problem was solved(I'm not definitely sure, I closed and re opened browser one or two times and was still logged in but maybe It was temporary don't know for sure) but when I logged in Opera with my account and Synch my profile the issue came again. I backed up my old profile so I loaded it again and there is still the problem.

    I don't want to start from begining to my profile. Isn't there any other way than delete my old profile?

  • @ubsaral It seems that your profile may be broken. I don't know how you could fix it without creating a new one.

    Try reseting your settings.

  • @leocg How to reset my settings?

  • @ubsaral In the settings page there is a option for it.