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Speed Dial customization + general questions

  • Thank you so much. I will use that information if I ever need to change to the latest Opera version and that work around would still be needed for what I want.

    But just a few minutes ago this happened: I tried to remove Opera 12.14 using Revo Uninstaller, but it did not work, something about no Admin rights. So I did it in safe mode with Revo.

    Then in Firefox I surfed to the Opera download page, and after watching the promotion video clip saw a link below that: "Download Opera 12".

    I figured Opera had a latest version now also called Opera 12... although I did not understand why they would call it that. 😃

    I downloaded it, and again could only install it in safe mode. I'm using it now posting this, and it turns out to be 12.17 and works fine with YouTube I just found out. (I might have just messed something up in 12.14.)

    As I saved the setting of 12.14 when I uninstalled it -using only the default uninstaller mode- it looks just like I like it, identical to my previous 12.14.

    I'm glad the weird looking YouTube behavior has changed to normal now. It would for example play the same video again even though I had clicked on another one already and the title of that new one appeared, but under playing clip of the previous one. Only after refreshing the page would the new clip actually play. Also half blank pages... weird.

    All solved now.

    Thanks again,

    I tried to edit my first above post, but instead a second post appeared with quotes. : )

  • You have to click on the cog to edit, not the quote mark, but since they're close together a mis-hit can happen. One final thought. You can download Opera 21 and it will go into a different directory than Opera 12. You can then operate them side by side, if you chose. That way you could use both. keep Opera 12 as your default, but play around a bit with Opera 21, get more familiar with it.

    In any event, best of luck! Glad things have worked for you. YouTube is, for sure, an essential.

  • Yes, I saw somewhere someone write he got the classic and the new version side by side.

    Just for play I'm going to try it, but since I use the browser integrated mail client of 12.17, I will probably keep using that version. Especially because I run Opera in Sandboxie by default, so that includes the mail client.

    I don't see any advantage in using the new Opera, on the contrary, but to be fair I'll try it out next to the classic one.

    I'll utilize your tutorial for hiding the speed dial blocks in the new version.


  • I was able to make the bookmark bar appear and put StartPage on it. Now I first get the speed dial page (sorry, not my taste, even having the minimum of 2 columns on it) but at least I can hit the SratPage button right after that on the bookmark page and get the same nearly blank page I also get in 12.17:

    I'll keep the classic one for mail at least for now. The new Opera seems a bit faster. We'll see... 🙂

  • Wanted to correct " SratPage" in the above post, but clicking on the cog only made it change to dark gray, not further action.

    No biggie.., ; )

  • PS:
    Even better... I made StartPage my real start page; only it appears when opening the browser of Opera 21. No speed-dial page appears anymore.

    Settings > Open a specific page or set of pages > Set pages >

    : )

  • YouTube is still behaving weird in 12.17. I have to refresh the page to get the next video clip I already clicked on. Otherwise it plays the same clip I saw, even thought the title of the new chosen one appears under the previous clip that is being played again.

    No biggie. I'll use 21 sometimes because it seems a bit faster. But otherwise I seen no advantage.

  • In 21 the adds show on YouTube even though I have AdMuncher on. This does not happen in 12.17. But in 12.17 YouTube behaves weird, as mentioned.

    I'm beginning to wonder which Browser to make my default... maybe FireFox?


  • 12.17 was making YouTube behave weird yesterday. But I checked just now, and the YouTube page looks different than it did before, but it's not too bad. A left panel appears taking up space, but it's possible to click that away.

  • Still I hear the sound of the video I was watching even though I have changed to the page with all the video small thumbnails, including the one of that video. But that video is not showing. Yet I hear it playing. Weird.

  • Why don't you see how YouTube works in Opera 21. Do you have the same problem with it?

  • With the 21 YouTube works fine. But the adds still appear even with AdMuncher. This does not happen in the 12.17

    In the mean time I chatted with AdMuncher about this, and they told me the're working on a next version (v5) which will solve this problem.

    Maybe after that little anoyance is fixed, I'll use only Opera 21. But since I've been using the browser integrated email client, I would lose that. I would have to start using the stand alone Opera Mail client, see if I can run it in Sandboxie and MailWasher.

    Through Mailawasher I can send spam to SpamCop, who in turn informs the spammer's ISP.

    Still I don't see any advantages to 12.17 in 21. Therefore I would gladly give a donation to Opera for further service to the 12 versions...

  • @lodestone

    I wrote Ad muncher and they provided no help, said it was working on Opera 21 when it was bad. So I downloaded the extension Adblock Plus, which is quite good. And then added the Disconnect extension. (Which increases the power of the ad blocking). Both are in the Opera add-on store, and together they are terrific on blocking ads in Opera 21. I believe you can set AdMuncher to not work in Opera 21. What I did was just set up AdBlock Plus in my other browsers (Opera 12, Chrome, Firefox, and Disconnect where it was available), and stopped using Admuncher, even though I'd paid for it years ago. Good luck on getting Opera to work on Opera 12 ;). I don't think it's gonna happen, but I understand your mail situation. It's a complicating factor. I use Thunderbird, and it's quite good. And gmail, which can open in Opera 21 tabs, so mail-wise it's going okay for me.