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Sending e-mail links with Opera's Standalone Mail Client

  • How can i make Opera's stand alone mail client be my default mail client for sending e-mail links. I can't find anything about this in google or other searches.

    any help is appreciated. I've been with opera since opera 7 and liked the combination of browser and mail. (using a Mac if that means anything)


  • On windows you have to do this. For Mac, I forget what you have to do. There was a post about it on the old forums. But, that's gone now.

    Did you go into Opera's settings and see if there's an option to set it as the default mail client? I vaguely remember that's all that's needed for Mac. If not, see to see if that helps.

  • burnout426, When going to the Mac "Mail" program and making opera mail the default client all it will do is receive mail. There is no option to right click or whatever to send a link with the Opera Mail program. I liked when they were combined. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • What about an option inside "Menu -> settings -> preferences"? (I don't have a Mac, so can't test for ya)