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Two browser windows open means all tabs deleted upon restart

  • I'd have thought this would've been fixed YEARS ago. Had TWO Opera windows open - one with a MONTH of carefully saved tabs. Computer rebooted and opened only the SECOND window thus all the tabs are GONE. And - contrary to a previous version of Opera - somehow even though I had rebooted Opera several times the pages that had reloaded each time were NOT saved in HISTORY. A) Unacceptable; B ) How can one stop this from happening again; C) is there any way to SEARCH HISTORY on PC so that I can see if there was a reopening buried a couple of months down? I scrolled history for a few hours but don't see these tabs ANYwhere.

  • Any idea why the computer rebooted?

    Obvious suggestions for future occurrences would be to save those tabs in a bookmark or speed dial folder, or save the tabs as a session.

    Probably too late now, but the windows that had been opened should be on the tab bar menu.

  • @sgunhouse First, thanks for responding!

    A. Because I rebooted it which I do periodically to let it reset, let go of programs or windows it holds on to that are not being used. Trust me: it speeds up and frees cache and memory. The problem occurred NOT because of the rebooting - works fine - but because I had TWO WINDOWS of OPERA BROWSER open to compare two things - which I never do - instead of side by side tabs. My research shows that it has LONG been a known problem in Opera apparently, that if you open a second WINDOW with a tab or two and you reboot it will ONLY OPEN THE SECOND WINDOW WHICH DOES NOT HAVE ALL YOUR TABS FROM THE FIRST WINDOW.

    B. If you can elucidate IN DETAIL what "saving the tabs as a session" means I would REALLY appreciate that! I didn't bookmark or speed dial as for the past two years I have NEVER had a problem. My Opera is set to re-open tabs when the computer/browser reboots and it has done this perfectly. It was the "two browser WINDOWS" open that created the problem.

    C) I'm not sure what you mean by "the windows that had been opened ... tab bar menu?" A) I'm not sure what "tab bar menu" is? 😎 If you mean the tab on the upper left that says "Menu" ... I checked very single listing on the dropdown and made sure to check all arrows off each and there was NOTHING that would have re-opened that original window that I could find. If I missed something pretty please tell me so I can know and/or check.

    Again, thank you so much for responding.

  • Answer for A is to use the Exit option on the menu (Ctrl-Shift-X on Windows) to close both widows at the same time, or just make sure to close the second window first. Rebooting the computer is normal - I do it a couple of times a day - but should be avoided when Opera is actually running..

    For B - if you always have the same tabs open, you can set Opera to open all those tabs on every startup - that's called a session. In old Opera you could have more than one session and could choose to load other saved sessions from the menu, but unfortunately they haven't reimplemented that feature in the new versions yet. 😞

    I don't use it - I don't sync tabs - but it seems to me that Sync remembers tabs you used to have open for a little while. You should be able to access them from the sidebar - but I presume each time you close Opera it'll overwrite that.

  • @sgunhouse Again, thank you!!! But with GREAT respect I think you keep missing the point.

    A) I of course have it set to reopen all tabs upon reopening Opera - so I have it set to a Session if that's the proper term - thank you!

    B ) Had I REMEMBERED there were TWO open windows - which I NEVER have - I would have shut the second before rebooting. I forgot there were TWO WINDOWS open, and the problem is that WHEN THERE ARE --TWO OPERA WINDOWS-- OPEN IT WILL LOSE THE TABS OPEN IN THE FIRST WINDOW AND ONLY REOPEN WHAT WAS IN THE SECOND WINDOW.

    C) Why I didn't initially panic was that the last time this happened - several iterations of Opera ago - I was able to go into History and if I dove deep enough, the PREVIOUS time that I rebooted when it had properly reopened Opera - I would see that list of tabs clustered together as they would have "reopened/reinitialized" themselves the LAST TIME OPERA OPENED WHEN IT --DID-- OPEN ALL THE TABS.

    What made this instance so horrific is that while I HAD reopened and closed Opera - and thus reloaded all my tabs - in recent memory, when I went into History as far back as a MONTH there was NO instance of the tabs reopening in a clump so I could find them!

    So it appears the problem is that somehow now in Opera when it reopens all the tabs upon rebooting it DOES NOT write them into HISTORY. This is truly bizarre and I don't get it. Now mind: I did NOT "touch" the tab and watch it individually reload, but that last time before the problem when Opera reloaded each tab circled and then the name of the site showed up on the tab as if it HAD reloaded the tabs which SHOULD have "written them" into Opera's History.

    So I guess the BIG question is: is this NOT true? Does one now have to click on EACH INDIVIDUAL tab and make SURE it "fully reloads" to ensure it appears in history?

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  • I tested this in Opera Stable and Opera Developer. Both are set to "continue where I left off".

    In Opera Developer, I open it, and use ctrl + n to open more windows and then navigate to at least one site in each window. Then, I load up the task manager (windows 10), make sure the entry for Opera is collapsed and choose "end task" to kill Opera. Then, when I open Opera up, only the last window is restored.

    Testing in Opera Stable, all the windows are restored.

    I also tested opening multiple windows, closing all but the first and then killing Opera to see if the last opened windows wasn't restored, but it was no problem (even in Opera Developer).

    So, I can kind of reproduce some issue in Opera Developer.

    I'll have to test with actually restarting Windows instead of killing Opera to see if it changes anything.

  • If you read the markdown formatting guide, you can place asterisks around text for bold, or underline or slash characters for italics. Unfortunately the forum seems to treat both as italics (and not recognize slash at all).

    But again, you should close Opera before a shutdown or reboot if at all possible,

  • @sgunhouse According to the formatting toolbar, it's one asterisk for italic and two for bold.

  • @burnout426 Thank you for working on this; I wanted to make sure this problem doesn't vanish into the aether. With respect to all, please let's not sidetrack into the --best-- way to handle Opera, but focus on the simple issue, just: if two Opera windows --are-- open when the computer shuts down, that the tabs in the first window are lost and, for some reason, do not seem to appear in the History.

    So a way to ensure those tabs do not vanish would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • In addition to this useful suggestion:
    Often second window opened when need to open private tab.
    If then close first window, Opera lost previously opened tabs! (just because I forgot to close private window first)
    But wait, windows with private tabs should not (and does not) remember tabs. So private should not be counted as last window to remember opened tabs.

    For example:

    • window1 has 20 opened tabs.
    • open new private window2
    • close window1 -> it should now remember all opened tabs, because it is last regular window and private windows should not be counted.
    • regardless of closing private window2 ...
    • ... if I open another not private window - it should restore all 20 previous tabs - because it is first regular window

    I believe this logic make sence

  • This just happened to me - nightmare. No recover options. Uninstalling and deleting Opera.