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  • How do I stop Opera saving all my searches in the search bar? I don't want them saved, I don't want to have to constantly clear them, and I don't want to always use private mode.

  • @dukeofnewyork You don't, there is no setting for it.

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
  • poor little moderators.... did this hurt your feelings?

  • @kaosz86 It's just against the rules.

  • It is always against the rules on this ""forum"" to complain about the impotence of opera developer team.

    I am not the only one who begs for optional changes whenever opera makes such "developments" on the app.

    Which is full of bugs and shortcomings, yet developer team always comes forth with annoying-nogood """"features"""" like this, every time disregarding privacy.

    For example: when we were unable to switch off trending searches...Sitting on the bus, try'n to browse some news and after tapping on the adress bar some shamefull bullsh#°% automatically pops up about recent bulb news, gay parades and so on......

    Everyone begs for a better password management and sync option since the dropping of operas own engine, yet we alwasy get these kind of cheap and useless FORCED ""innovations"".

    Why not look for another app? Because all the other browsers have seriously nitwit chrome's restoring every closed page after close/start browsing.
    And I rather rely on "big names" than on freshly started ""supermegaappsudios#no1"" kinda developers.

    I use firefox and opera at the same time, but looks like it is time to get rid of opera and stick to the fox.

  • @dukeofnewyork @kaosz86 We are coming up with the feature to disable saving recent searches. you will find this in our next release. For faster access to new feature, you may always install beta version. Thanks for the raising the concern.
    Opera Team

  • @kaosz86 Depending on how you complain, it will always be against rules.

    If you just hijack a topic to split your rant, like you are doing, it's against the rules.

    If you use lots of F words and swearing, it's against the rules.

  • @neetesha WHY CANT you do this at first attempt?

  • @leocg said in Do not save search history:


    Hijack? The topic is already about the annoying existence of search history under the search/adress bar... There is nothing to hijack. Also I only reflected on Opera's notorious development practice: to shock the community with useless "dog and pony show" features, make them suffer with it for monts, after that make an option to disable it. No matter where i post this, some zealous mods will always fint this as an offence against the forum community and devs.

  • Doesn't require zealotry. As all you're saying is "They won't fix it anyway" you are not being constructive or helpful - and this is a help forum. That's what it is. I don't care about "offence against the devs" (or offense in this country) but as you are neither looking for help nor trying to help you have no place here.