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How to disable extremely irritating CTRL + wheel zooming

  • Problem: When doing scrolling in pages with touchpad, and switching between pages with CTRL + TAB, then "CTRL+wheel" zooming is constantly triggered.

    This behavior is extremely irritating since it's happening constantly. Would think that UI engineers in Chrome/Opera would have noticed such simple failure case in mouse + keyboard operation. However, so far I have failed to find solution. Simply blaming "it's OS issue" is NOT solution.

    Factually I don't ever intentionally try to do "CTRL + wheel" zooming in web browser, so I would really desire to be able disable this inconvenient behavior.

    I've tried some "No MouseWheel Zoom" addon, but it fails with "touchpad scroll + "CTRL+TAB" combo, still triggering undesired zooming.

    okey, factually case is "CTRL + touchpad scroll", but I believe in most touchpads that is from app point of view same as "CTRL + wheel".

    [Mod note: Topic posted in wrong forum moved to more appropriate one]

  • Under Settings > Browser > Shortcuts, you might try disabling one or both of the "gesture" settings. Mind you, in old versions of Opera it wouldn't help, so no guarantee it will in current versions - but that's all I can suggest. (Properly, "mouse gestures" are right button drag actions, while "rocker gestures" involve quickly pressing one button then another, and hence neither actually covers the scroll+modifier key case; but that is the best I can suggest.)

  • @sgunhouse Well I did that but it still does that zooms on mouse gestures. In my case on double click. It's a real pain.

  • Rather irritating that this blatant bug is not getting fixed. Behaviour is really irritating. It certainly does not help that Opera's employees are trying to disregard problem as "system problem", while it's not.

    Please, please, just add configuration option to allow turning this off.

  • @kikonen It's not a bug. You can request a way to disable the shortcut in the proper forum.

  • how about an about:config, like in FF.. This was extremely useful when configuring for specifics.. There are other reasons I don't use FF... This was one of their strong points.. Too bad Opera as long as it's been around hasn't integrated such a good idea in configuration into their own yet..

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