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  • The Opera 53.0.2907.37 has been promoted to the stable channel ;-)

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today, we’re transitioning Opera 53 from the beta line to stable. This build revamps the appearance of tabs, and the address bar. Take a glance below to find out more.

    Optimization of the tab’s display

    Mac users find it difficult to locate and manage a particular tab, when many of them are open. We figured out a way to optimize this, and made your plentiful tabs’ favicons more visible. Let’s see how it changed:

    To make it even more visible and easier to manage, clicking on a tab will expand it.

    There is also some fresh, sharpened coloring done to the address bar."
    The Chromium has been updated to version 66.0.3359.139.

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  • hello, is there any way to revert to how extension is shown like in v52 stable or earlier?

    I mean some extension I used should be running on background and force showing it on toolbar brings nothing but annoyance since I always see something greyed out

    this is one of the aforementioned extension I used:

    there's other as well like

    this used to be not visible on all time but only on specific site or even hidden, but ever since the current update it just sitting there on address bar/toolbar, it's really annoying

    If possible, bring possibility for user to choose whether we can revert to old way, like in an "advanced mode" or on experimental flags


  • Hi @daryula, right click on the extension's button, and select "Hide from toolbar", or go to the Extensions page (Ctrl+Shift+E, or Command+Shift+E" on Mac), find the extension for which you want to disable its icon, and deselect the check-box on the left of "Hide from toolbar".

  • @l33t4opera thanks for the tips, finally find how to hide since the extension page did not have that option 🙂

    anyway seems like another user got same problem as mine:

    I really think the possibility for user to revert this configuration to be like older one is a good option 😉

  • Since this upgrade I am not able to see a preview image when bookmarking (using the heart icon). I select the image but only ever see the url in the image preview.

    Opera 53.0.2907.37 - Windows 7 64bit

  • New update - Opera stable 53.0.2907.57 ;-)

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today we’re serving you a Stable update. It contains mainly some small fixes for our new feature - Instant Search. We’ve also added some missing translations for Vietnamese."

    The Chromium has been updated to version 66.0.3359.170.

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  • The new opera version introduced issues with Registering U2F devices though.

  • New update - Opera stable 53.0.2907.68 ;-)

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today we’ve prepared for you a quick Stable update. @Harelt San Luis, we’re happy to say that we fixed the bug with black rectangles! 🎉

    Also, we fixed the sidebar hint, covering the address bar on Windows."

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  • @my1xt I just tested with Yubico key on the most recent Opera Stable version 53.0.2907.68 and I was able to login to Google mail with 2-steps verification where Yubico key was involved. No any issue met. What specific problem with U2F device have you met in Opera? Could you describe it please?

  • logging in isnt the problem.

    Adding a key is the problem.

    while some sites like the yubico demo page spawn on both chrome and opera a notification asking whether the site may get key data, some other sites like github, dropbox or localhost dont spawn such a notification and while they just pass in chrome, opera throws U2F error 1.

    more info here:

  • New update for Windows - Opera stable 53.0.2907.88 ;-)

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today’s update for Opera 53 stable fixes an issue with Speed Dial folders doubling unexpectedly on the start page. Folders in your Speed Dial could have been duplicated, if there was a server change, or if the user added and rearranged folders, then restarted the browser.

    The fix for this bug will first be implemented for our Ukrainian users, where the problem frequently occurred. Upon its success in Ukraine, the fix will later be rolled out globally".

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  • New update - Opera stable 53.0.2907.99 ;-)

    The change log, and the announcement.

    - Fixes for doubled Speed Dials, and no focus on the Instant Search dialog, when multiple tabs are opened.
    - DNA-70062 [Linux] Package has dependency incompatible with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
    - DNA-70237 Port fix for CVE-2018-6148 to desktop-stable-66-2907.

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  • New update - Opera stable 53.0.2907.106 ;-)

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today we’ve prepared an Opera 53 Stable update. It contains bug fixes for your Speed Dials. They should no longer be able to double in your start page, and their images should refresh promptly.

    In this build we placed also fix for Snapshot tool. Now the whole area will be captured, when scrolling.

    With this version, we’re turning on the bookmarks bar by default. You can disable it, edit or remove bookmarks in Settings (Preferences on Mac) > Appearance > Show bookmarks bar."

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  • New, small update - Opera stable 53.0.2907.110 ;-)

    The change log, and the announcement.

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  • @l33t4opera why not make a setting for this? everytime I add stuff to the dial I need to move them cause the newly added ones kill the arrangement when they come on first.

  • Hi @my1xt, it adds new items at the end, so it seems to be like you expect it to do so?
    In other case, you can add a new feature/option request in this section of the forums;-)