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  • Today Win10 had big update and after finished, Opera is restarted and turned off my sign in account. My account wasn't logged in. I forgot my password, I restarted the password and when i tried to sign-in and start sync. it ask me for passphrase. What is this? When I was asked before? How was the question? I already lost about over 2 hours on this. Why is need all this? That is my (our) problem not Opera security problem and to be all "perfect".

  • Your data is encrypted to your old password, the "passphrase" being requested is the old password.

  • @sgunhouse
    Old password which i restarted?

  • The other option - since your data is encrypted to that password - is to reset the data.

  • That is not answer what asked above. Is that password - passphrase is password which i had to restart today because I forget it?
    That password has to have minimum 12 characters (it asked me for a new password to have minimum 12 characters just to know because i am trying to guess which password was it) ?

  • @perk-one Your old password could have had less. They have increased the length over time. My first password was only 6 letters and numbers. My current one is ... well, I won't say exactly but it is less than 12.

  • Thank you, this can help me to try to guess. But what was the point of restart the password if it asked me for password before that one?

  • I guess my password! I was so close i didn't have to restart just to try combinations much more, but now i have stronger and much longer.
    I see bookmarks are there, saved passwords too, it wasn't open all opened tab before all this happen and speed dial is not add my speed dials.
    Sync. doesn't effect on Opera's settings configuration and installed add-ons?

    I do not see how to access to opened tab which i had it. Even are not in history too. There are some history but very small of pages in last 30-50 days.

  • As far as "What was the point?" some people do change their passwords regularly - and every once in a while a website gets hacked and will reset everyone's password. If someone has hacked your email and so can intercept your password reset message, they still will not be able to access your saved passwords, history or bookmarks.

  • @sgunhouse I get it.

    Could you please help me to find all open tabs which i had before all this what happen today? I found speeddial. Only what is left is to restore open tabs. I have about 20-30.
    And i do not get it why this is not sync. too and why doesn't sync. installed addons?

  • I solved. I found here: what file i have to rename. I thought it won't be restored (Current Session (1)) because i several time opened and closed Opera. I thought it backup only from last time when i closed Opera.
    Anyway sync. with some reason is not working very well. Open tabs have not sync. and history too. I see you are moderator and I suggest you to report this if you want it.

    Cu and thanks for your time.

    p.s. this is really take me too much time and didn't expect this. I am not sure because of new update of Win10 or something else, probably update but who can expect it will affect on Opera?

  • Some Chrome users said the so-called April update broke Chrome completely on their system - in that sense we are lucky I guess. Microsoft does not appear to be doing well...