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Opera recreates last download folder

  • Am on Opera Portable, latest v52. It's not only with this version ... older versions had the issue, too. The issue is:

    • Download a file to a folder called 'A' on desktop - thus, the path is C:\desktop\A
    • Opera then somehow remembers this path 'C:\desktop\A' and next time I start downloading a file it shows the Save-as dialog pointing at that exact same path - C:\desktop\A .. nothing unusual here.
    • However, once in a while (as it doesn't do it always), the following problem occurs - I change the folder name to 'B' so now the path is path C:\desktop\B ... however, Opera still remembers the path C:\desktop\A and when I attempt once again to download a file it AGAIN points to that old path - namely path C:\desktop\A. But since the path no longer exists, as I single-handedly changed A to B, Opera now thinks it's too smart and creates a folder called A on my desktop. That has to be in order to satisfy its last saved path, namely C:\desktop\A. From here on, I can ofc save the file wherever I actually want, but the point is that the additional folder 'A', which Opera created, stays there. This is quite annoying as we don't want random folders here and there. Moreover, it happens only once in a while. I'm not testing again and it appears that SOMETIMES Opera understands that I changed A to B and it no longer points to path C:\desktop\A, thus it no longer creates that extra folder A. It now points to some default location like Libraries\Documents.

    Pls look into it, devs.

  • @yaya67 Here, Windows remembers the last used folder and show sit in the 'save as' dialog when a file is being downloaded. If the previous used folder no longer exists, it will show the default one.

  • @leocg said in Opera recreates last download folder:

    @yaya67 Here, Windows remembers the last used folder and show sit in the 'save as' dialog when a file is being downloaded. If the previous used folder no longer exists, it will show the default one.

    Thank you for the input. However, your reply is off. Please, read the OP and pay attention to what I explained very precisely.

    As I said - if the previous folder no longer exists, for some odd reason, Opera recreates that folder ... that is, an empty folder ... I explained that as clearly as possible in the OP. Pls refer to it again.

  • @yaya67 What I was trying to say is that no folders are recreated here.

  • @leocg By 'here', I suppose you mean on your end - but as I explained in the OP, on my end (let's say) 1 out of 10 times a folder is created. So I'd love to hear on why this happens and how to fix it. As I said, it has been happening for quite some time, not only with the current version of opera.

  • Excuse me for asking this because it is not a formal reply to the issue here, but is there a way to instruct Opera to ALWAYS download to the Default folder as set in Preferences, and still have the "Save As" box pop up so you can change where you want it downloaded if different to the aforementioned Default preference. And the then the next download will revert back again to the Default folder even though the last download didn't go there??

  • @bbildman Not that I know.

  • @yaya67 Does it happens no matter where you save the downloads?

  • @leocg Thank you for the reply. Yes, it happens completely at random so far. I'm paying close attention but have not been able to spot any pattern of how, why and when it occurs. If I do spot anything I'll share. But I hope at least now you understand my issue, right? 🙂

  • EDIT to the OP:

    I meant to say:

    'I'm NOW* testing again and it appears that SOMETIMES Opera understands that I changed A to B and it no longer points to path thus it doesn't ALWAYS create the extra empty folder ... but now and again it does it and that's not great.

  • @yaya67 So even if you use, for example, c:\downloads, the problem may happens?

    What is your OS?

  • @leocg Yes, absolutely .. completely at random and at its own will, as I said.

    I'm on Win7x64 Ultimate SP1.

  • It happened again .. just randomly with a random folder. Ofc when I force/test it to happen it won't really happen but in my daily use, as I said ... it's a 1 in 10 hit ratio that it happens.

    Sth else which might be important in the context in order to solve the issue. Here's my setup - notebook with 2 drive slots. Primary (OS) slot is with a SATA-III SSD where I only have OS. Secondary SATA-II HDD where I store stuff. In the context of the problem my behaviour is that when I save/download stuff from opera it usually goes on my HDD. So, as regards the issue described in the OP, I've not paid 100% attention to this but I think it only happens when I save/dl to my HDD. Who know's .. that might be a reason. I did play around with the power settings in Win7 as regards the drives and I tried both turning on (i.e. setting a time) and off (setting to 0, i.e. never) the 'Turn off hard disk after' setting but regardless of that the issue with Opera is still there.

    Hope that extra bit of info helps solve the case here. Looking forward to more feedback from others who either have had the issue or are willing to test and catch it.

  • Hmm, tried for a while, but can't seem to reproduce. Tried with d:/download/a (ntfs usb stick) with renaming it to "b". I'm on Windows 10 Pro though.

    I kept watching "savefile" in the "Preferences" file. It's consistently getting updated to the new directory when saving. Even if I edit it while Opera is closed where I change it back to the non-existent "a" folder, I can't get Opera to recreate it. I tried clicking on some downloads (as opposed to right-click saving an image) to reproduce, but that didn't help., I tried editing settings just to see if that triggered it, but no go.

    What is "download location" set to in settings (just in case it matters to trigger the issue)? Is "Ask where to save each file before downloading" checked? Also, where is your portable Opera installed?

    Also, by "portable", do you mean you used the "standalone installation" option in the installer or directly? Or, did you use some 3rd party setup/installer to run Opera in a portable manner?

    Did you try with another Opera portable to see if you can still reproduce? You said it's been happening for a while, but if you've been upgrading the same Opera and using the same profile and the profile is the issue, testing with your current Opera portable won't allow you to rule the profile out as an issue.

  • @burnout426 Thank you for the reply and effort. Appreciated.

    Forgot to mention that all my partitions are NTFS, if that has a bearing.

    • "download location" is set to 'Z:\Desktop', i.e. my desktop, and 'Ask where to save each file before downloading' is indeed checked because this is how I find it comfy.

    • My portable Opera is installed on 1 of the 4 partitions my SSD has. Those 4 partitions are - 1) Sys Reserved; 2) One OS; 3) Another OS to boot on another machine; 4) A work partition, which hosts portable apps and it stores Opera portable as well. It's important to note that this 4th partition is (unlike the first 3) a Logical Drive, whereas the prior are Primary Partitions. This, as I know, is how Windows partitions any partitions after the initial 3. The 4 partitions are contiguous, just in the order I mentioned them. With this explanation of my drive partitions, I contradict myself where I said in my last post that on my SSD I only have OS ... so, sorry for the confusion.

    • As to the portable edition of Opera I use - it is not the one you linked to but instead one from

    • I've not tried with another Opera portable to reproduce the issue. However, I do have another Opera profile on the side, but I almost never download/save anything from there. I did it as instructed here - - and I've not noticed the OP issue happening in the second profile, only in the first (main) one.

    • Yes, you are completely correct in your last paragraph.

    If I'm the only one with the issue then it is on my end and has to do with the specifics of my machine/system, some of which @burnout426 correctly pointed out. In that case it's not Opera's fault. If anyone else gets this issue, however, I'd be happy to see them post here.

    Thanks for the support so far, Opera team and community.

  • Thanks for the clarification. If I reproduce the issue, I'll post.