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Opera 21 is out now

  • It's not in the flags, it's in the regular settings page. Have you tried using the page's search field to find it?

    It's in the Flags section, heres a screenshot, be sure to enlarge it

  • Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar.
    That's not it. :s
    Are you sure you have "Show advanced settings" enabled?

  • Thanks, I just did a search for URL.
    I already had a check in: " Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar." I assume that's the place for the check.
    Now in most places, the full url is there in the address bar when I go to a location.. So I think it's working generally okay. Strangely though, in a few places, the full url did now show in the address bar. Examples of a few where it doesn't show in the addreess bar (though when I paste it for you here, it shows.
    "The http://" isn't there in the address bar for these. Anyway it seems a bit odd that it mostly works, but not for all adddresses.

    Those URL's show for me in full

  • Okay, Opera:flags. It's not in mine, coloderwinters. Strange. I do see it in yours. Thanks for the photo. I went through one by own, and I even did a search for "full" and for "url" and for "full url in combined search and address bar." Nothing showed up.

  • @rafaelluik

    I have a check in "Show advanced settings." I can live with this issue -- not always getting a full url (I do get it with a paste into a notepad, so not a big deal). It's just odd that I'm not getting the option to show the full URL in Settings or in Opera:Flags. Haaa, problem solved

    I clicked update, and I thought I did, but maybe I need to close and open the browser again. I shall try. I looked at my version of Opera and it's still listing 20. Uggghh :))))

    Yep, I had clicked update, and thought it did it. But I had to shut down the browser, and the minute I opened it, I checked my version and it was 21. I went to settings, found the item, went to one of the sites that wasn't working before, and now it is -- the full URL shows in the address bar.

    Thanks everyone for your ideas. Sorry to have bothered you.

  • Right On Lem, Welcome to Version 21 🙂

  • I'm going to wait for the next minor dot release. Looking at past history, there should be a quick bugfix release in a week or so.

  • Opera 21 Problems--

    I had to uninstall Opera 21 immediately because the shortcuts on Speed Dial or web pages wouldn't load. It kept spinning like it was loading but never did. I reinstalled an older version & deleted the Opera 21 folder.

    Could this have something to do with my addons? I have Pinterest, Adblock & Web of Trust installed.

    I have WIN 7, 64 bit. Thx--CJ.

  • Did going back to an older version correct the problem ?.

    Does disabling all of your add-ons correct the problem ?.

  • @stlcorie2

    I have Win 7, 64 bits and had no problem with the update. I also have Adblock plus. Can I assume what when you went back to Opera 20, everything was okay there. If so, you might want to disable your extensions, and try the update again, to see if, per the question of @linuxmint7, disabling the updates corrected the problem. If it did, then we can guess that the problem came from one of the extensions. If not, then you would need to go back to Opera 20 again.

    Assuming once again in Opera 20 you don't want an automatic update, you may well want to rename the automatic update file. Here's a thread that discusses how to do that.

  • Thx for everyones help.

    Yes, everything is fine when I uninstall Opera 21 & go back to 20.

    I also disabled my extensions then reinstalled Opera 21, but I still have the same problem: its not connecting to the internet, Speed dial shortcuts & web sites wont load, just spins.

  • So things work in 20 (speed dials load, access to internet etc), but all fail in 21 ?.

  • Yes, everything loads in 20, Speed dial & web sites work. Works perfectly.

    I always update Opera & never have had any problems until now.

  • Have you gone back to 20 and blocked the 21 update yet, for now ?.

  • Yes, I'm using Opera 20 now & changed my update file to backup.exe. I didn't know that the Speed Dial problem was a known issue.

    I'll just wait for the next update & install manually. Thx for all your help.

  • Or just rename the file back to 'opera_autoupdate.exe' (when you hear of a newer update) and it will go back to auto updating again.

    Oh, and no problem. 🙂

  • This Opera 21.0.1432.57 update sounds too problematic for my taste.
    I'm gonna skip it and just wait until I see what the chatter here on the forum says regarding the next update.

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