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Opera 51 does not remember last bookmark folder

  • I find temporary solution! Open bookmarks in new tab, right click on it and choose pin tab. It will remember last visited bookmark folder. And it works with heart in sidebar. And yes, i know it opens bookmarks as default, when starting opera, but i don't mind . For me this is lesser of two evils... 🙃

  • @arsenije86

    Thank you for your suggestion. I have tried it but that causes another annoyance as the other bookmarks tab is always open and means my speed dial is no longer dominant.

    Still would be great if someone at opera could give us all the choice about how we use and view bookmarks. I am no expert but surely it must be acheiveable?

  • If you don't use the bookmarks bar a temporary solution is to move all your bookmarks from the "other bookmarks" to the "bookmarks bar" and not paying attention to what the title says.

  • @xirit32 Thanks for that! hadn't realised you could drag 'n drop bookmarks. Shouldn't have to do that but still, thanks again.

  • Got this version today, but everytime i update, the browser gets more complicated. I'm not going to use the bookmarks bar and still everytime I want to look for a bookmark in my huge list i get sent there first. Why can i not just define in the settings where clicking on bookmarks sends me? On Microsoft Edge for example you can set what happens when opening a new tab.

  • +1 for remembering the last open bookmark folder. The current implementation is redundant and super annoying:

    • If I use the bookmarks bar, then I already have it displayed on top of my browser window. So when I go to Bookmarks view, I probably want to display a different bookmarks folder.
    • If I don't use the bookmarks bar, then when I go to Bookmarks view, I probably want to display a different bookmarks folder.

    Either way I probably DON'T want to go to the bookmarks bar folder.

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