Constant Crashing

  • I'm having problems with opera pages constantly crashing.

    Especially when watching / searching for youtube videos. Often google searches too.

    Have tried disabling / removing all extensions, clean download & install, switching to Beta version, yet the problem remains totally the same.

    It's at the stage now where Opera is becoming unusable to me. Whilst other browsers perform slower, have a less friendly interface etc, they don't constantly crash when.

    I'm running the latest version of OS High Sierra.

    Is there any way I can generate a crash report to reveal the cause.


  • Hi, try setting a 'crash mail address': this way we at Opera can search our crash database for your specific crashes, and should be able to tell you the cause (or fix it).

    On a Terminal, enter this command for normal Opera (stable) (I know that's not a valid email address but it's not important, this is just so we can find your crash in the system):
    defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPCrashEmail

    And for Opera beta:
    defaults write com.operasoftware.OperaNext OPCrashEmail

    As soon as you get a crash after you've set these tell us here on the forum and we should be able to pinpoint it 🙂

  • @avl said in Constant Crashing:


    Hi avl,

    apologies for delay in getting back to you.

    i have set crash mail address as described for Beta, and had crashes since

    hopefully it will show on the database

    many thanks 🙂

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