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Opera 20, Windows 8 and the tale of the default programs

  • So to quickly summarize, recently switched over to Windows 8, meeting a bunch of problems along the way.
    Have fixed most problems I've encountered so far, but I'm a bit stuck with the default browser setting on Win 8.

    I've been able to set Opera as default for the html filetypes, but not the protocol, so other programs opens Internet Explorer instead. In the settings where you choose the default program for filetypes and protocols, there's a slight difference. When trying to set default for protocols, you can only choose Internet Explorer, or an app. It doesn't let you choose software on your computer.

    Does anyone know of any way of fixing this?
    I'm using the stable version, so I guess Opera Next / Developer might've solved this, but would prefer to use stable version, as the others have given me a bit of instability problems lately.

    I guess regedit HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/ html, http and those might be the clue, but I'm not sure what to change the values to.

    Any help appreciated with the problem, thanks 🙂

  • You can't see Opera or the HTTP protocol in the classic Control Panel's Default Programs? (In 8.1 there's a link to access the list of protocols in the modern "PC Settings" too.)

    It looks a lot like this topic:
    The issue is only if you installed for "all users" via the installer options (it's the default) it will register Opera in Windows as a program eligible to become default browser.

  • In both the classic and modern control panel, the issue is the same. Either you can choose Internet Explorer, or a windows metro app. But in regard to the all users, I tried running the installer again, but choosing who I install for was blocked out (I chose myself), I assume I have to uninstall all, and then run it again?

    Any how, I'll just try a quick uninstall, and do just that.

    Thanks for the help so far at least, searched for quite a bit (Mostly google), without finding anyone with the exact same issue.

  • Is your Windows user account an Administrator?

  • Here what I did to fix that:

    1. Run the latest Opera 20 installer and install
    2. Go to installation folder (programfiles/opera)
    3. Delete the old folder (New one has "-O"). Your profile folder will be safe.
    4. Deactivate Internet Explorer.
  • It's an administrator, yeah, but Windows has been slightly weird about that. In most cases it seemed to acknowledge that I was admin, but in some cases I still got a message of not having the rights.

    But anyhow, with your help, I fixed it 🙂

    Just uninstalled, but left my settings and reinstalled for all users.
    Fixed it immediately.

    So thanks for good help 🙂