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  • Hello Team,
    Previously I am Suing UC Browser For Pc,
    Due to Slow Chromium Update i Uninstalled it from My Pc,

    No I Install Opera Devlopers, Browser,

    but I Cann't find option to Open Bookmark on New Tab,

    When i Click on Bookmark it will open on Same Page and i get Disturb,

    Then Was a option to open bookmark in new tab But That was too Not Good For Me,

    I Want a option that will open Every bookmark in new Tab,

    Please Help Me to Solve This,

    and one thing
    if i uninstall opera and Reinstall How can i get All My previous Bookmark,

  • @daringbaaz

    open bookmark in new tab = click scroll button

    to secure your bookmarks just export them to html file = settings > bookmarks > export bookmarks

  • ehem you should specify from which location you want to open it. When you open a Bookmark from "Bookmarks" it always opens in a new (foreground) tab, when you open it from the "Bookmarks Bar" there's the solution acidinmyfridge gave you and additionaly you can also hold Ctrl+Shift then click it.

  • I want open Bookmark From Bookmark Bar,

    Developers have to make this Feature without pressing any Key,

  • Right click + open in new tab. That should do the trick.....for now.
    I would also like bookmarks from bookmarks bar to open in a new tab automatically, by just one click.

  • @deestonic i Know about Right click option, but i want directly on one click

  • Yup, me too. I want that for bookmarks bar and for speed dial bookmarks.
    And I also want Opera not to close all my tabs when i accidentally click to close it. I want it to ask me every time if i really want to close all tabs.

  • @daringbaaz how do you mean without pressing any key?

    if you want to open a bookmark from bookmarks bar in a new tab, you just click the scroll button on your mouse. That applies there as well and is not limited to bookmarks folder only.

  • @deestonic maybe request that for a feature to be implemented again.
    Though, clicking on bookmarks in the bookmarks bar and also speed dial bookmarks with the mouse scroll button opens them in a new tab.

    maybe this extension will help with the not closing all tabs issue

    Raymonds blog refers this website. The following is taken directly from his blog:

    ... the page includes a line of Javascript that pops up a warning box if you try to close its tab. If you press Leave, the browser and all tabs will close, press Stay and the browser will stay open.

    As the piece of code is so small you can even make and use your own local page. Create an empty .HTML file and add the following code into it, or download the pre made HTML page file :

    window.onbeforeunload = function() { return "Close tab(s)?"; }

    Then drop the HTML file onto your browser or set it up to load the local page on start. That way you will always be asked for confirmation when closing the browser window. While this is by no means a perfect solution it does offer a way to try and stop you accidentally closing several tabs at once in most browsers ..."

    i have not tried this myself, but maybe it will turn out as a useable workaround for you.

  • @daringbaaz
    Hello! This option is available in Vivaldi and Slimjet also based on Chromium. Why not Opera?