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Can't play videos or gifs on Facebook

  • Hi all,

    Opera has been my favourite browser for years but it's been disappointing me lately with it's performance, particularly playing back videos and GIFs in Facebook. It did the same thing a few months ago, then it seemed to fix itself after a few weeks and now the problem is back.

    Videos on Youtube and elsewhere on the web playback fine, as do GIFs. I was hoping the latest update would help but it did not. I have also tried re-installing it and the problem persists.

    Could this be a problem with Flash?

    Anyone else experience this same issue? Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers 🙂

  • Actual uploaded Facebook videos are mp4s and such. And, the gif files on FB are usually gifv videos. Youtube can offer different formats where videos play fine for you. With that in mind, I'm guessing it's not a Flash issue.

    Are you on Win7 or newer? What does opera://gpu say about video decode and what is your graphics card? What does opera://media-internals (when you go there and expand the info for a player after trying to play something on Facebook) say?

    Do you have the N version of Windows?

    What version of Opera are you using?

  • Also, are you running Opera via Sandboxie?

    Another thing. Download Opera, launch the installer, click "options", set "install path" to a folder on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation". Try in that Opera to see if it works. If so, we can go from there.

  • @burnout426, thanks for the info on the codecs and formats etc.

    I am on Windows 10 Enterprise N. I should probably install the media feature pack. I reinstalled my machine recently and forgot to install it and I know it installs some Windows Media Player runtimes that some applications need. This just dawned on me. Think that could be it?

    I am not in front of my PC at the moment because I'm using my work laptop but my home PC specs are as follows:

    Windows 10 Enterprise N

    Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z
    16GB DDR3-1866
    2 x SSD in RAID 0
    Asus Strix RX 480 Gaming 8GB

    I am using the most current version, automatically updated.

    Will revert back this evening.

    Cheers 🙂

  • @gjb said in Can't play videos or gifs on Facebook:

    Think that could be it?

    That's most likely the problem as Opera uses the Windows Media API to play some formats.

  • @burnout426 aha. I am downloading it now. Thanks, will report back.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Ok, so the latest media feature pack 1709 (Oct 2017) fixed the issue. Thanks for your help!

    Cheers 🙂

  • Topic closed as solved. If in up until to a month the author needs the thread to be reopened, just report it. briefly explaining the reason.