Sync issue: Lost all my "new" bookmarks

  • @juicedaniel If you can't see them there, it means that they most probably were never synced. Or they were removed from sync servers for some reason.

  • @leocg As I said: I saw them on my old laptop. Bookmarks I've added weeks ago on my new laptop. So unless syncing temporarily worked there is NO way I could have seen the bookmarks on my old laptop.

  • @juicedaniel So that's it, right? No chance to get my bookmarks back? "Removed for some reason." Bad luck. Not our problem.

    Thanks, Opera.

  • @juicedaniel Unfortunately this is the main problem of any synchronization service and the reason why they shouldn't be used as a backup: If anything goes wrong, the error may propagate and you will lost your data on all devices connected to the sync service.

    It seems that at some point Sync understood that those bookmarks were to be removed and did it. To restore them you need to use a backup, if you have one.

  • @juicedaniel

    You can check at your Opera profile for a Bookmarks.bak file.

    If exist, maybe they are still there.

    To find the route to your profile:

    • Follow the Opera Reset / Back up signature's link for your OS.

    To load them:

    • Close Opera
    • Rename the current Bookmarks to anything else
    • Make a copy of Bookmarks.bak
    • Disconnect from iNet
    • Rename the current Bookmarks.bak to Bookmarks
    • Open Opera - Check the Bookmarks

    If they are there, do whatever you need, modify, remove..., then make another file backup and then use Sync.

    After that make back ups of any browser/program profiles/settings.

    If no luck,
    look for System Restore Points on your OS.

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  • @zalex108 Thanks for your detailed answer - sounds helpful. It's funny: I got to the same point that you wrote about without reading your answer - by trying to search for and recovering the bookmark file. And guess what? I could successfully recover the Bookmarks.bak-file. It's size is 4.742kb (vs. 2.668kb of the current size (so you can see by the file size how many links I lost).

    I just thouroughly followed your steps trying to get my bookmarks back. Unfortunately nothing shows up when I open Opera after your instruction. And: When I open Opera, the file "Bookmarks" gets overwritten and the size is again only 3kb (fresh installation). So is there another way to load the Bookmarks.bak file in another way? (Unfortunately I couldn't recover "BookmarksExtras" since it was already overwritten and irreversibly lost and therefore not possible to recover.)

  • Ok I just realized that the file might not be recovered correctly. When I open it with notepad, I see mostly "NUM" symbols instead of urls/links. So I guess recovery wasn't successfully. Too bad. I was so close. (I still don't understand why Opera deleted them from sync.)

  • @juicedaniel

    On the current Opera Profile, Right Click on the file, properties/Previous Versions?

    But I don't know if they are pointing to an specific file Id.

  • @zalex108 You mean the windows feature, right? Nothing there, unfortunately.
    (About my previous post: I meant "NUL" instead of "NUM".)

  • @juicedaniel

    Then I don't know how to recover them from your old laptop, maybe you can try using a program to recover deleted files, but if you didn't delete any profile maybe you will not find any Opera file.

    • Your Sync data at is wiped? - Not sure if I've read about that -
    • Your New but broken laptop will be Formatted? - Despite could delay for a week -.
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