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How to get rid of redirect virus, Opera 50

  • I've picked up a so-called redirect virus in Opera 49 (now 50). I have run a full (Avira) AV scan (no virus), though MalwareBytes picked up quite a few and quarantined them. But I'm still being redirected to unwanted sites when clicking in my regular browsing. I've cleared cookies and history, no improvement. Any help would be appreciated!

  • There are different levels of infection that can occur. First, check your extensions for something you didn't intentionally install... if present, remove it. Second, check your Opera program shortcut (right-click the icon, select Properties) to make sure the command isn't appended with a URL to a hijacking website). Third, check your search engine listings to make sure your desired engine is selected as default.

    If Malwarebytes already picked up "quite a few" instances, you may also have a deeper, system-level infection problem. Depending on the depth of the infection, different remedial avenues may need to be followed. Do your other browsers on that system show the same redirection issues? Does the Opera redirection occur for a manually typed-in URL and/or for a clicked URL link? Do you get any kind of name indicator for the redirector or where it consistently redirects to?

    Finally, if you've had a lot of adware/malware issues and removals, you might want to rethink your safe-hex pattern of computer using: don't download lots of freeware (that often comes bundled with this stuff), don't click on lots of free website offers of one kind or another, use a limited-user account, etc.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. The first three had all come up negative, and the problem was only with Opera (which is my default browser). I'm normally very careful in my browsing patterns, but it seems that this one slipped past my vigilance, using Opera.
    In the end I have had to go for the 'nuclear' option. Fortunately I'm a multiple-backup type of guy and I clone my entire HDD every week (my work and income depend on my computer). So in the end after trying everything I swapped out the cloned drive and was back in business. Whew! Tough on those who might not be such fanatic back-uppers though.