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Customizable speed dial thumbnails

  • Thanks 😃
    I will try it.
    But it could be easier, when you right click a thumbnail you have an edit option that could have the possibility to change the image. And I don't think this would be difficult to implement.

  • This should be doable from the Opera UI, not requiring installing another software and editing the files manually. Besides, what happens when Opera decides to reload the thumbnails? Right, back to editing everything again...

  • This should be doable from the Opera UI, not requiring installing another software and editing the files manually.

    What's the difference? 😛

    what happens when Opera decides to reload the thumbnails?

    It never does that by itself AFAIK.

  • What's the difference? 😛
    Read the second part of the sentence you quoted 😛
    Also, user-friendliness.

  • +1, e.g. most of these thumbnails are also useless as you cannot see what changed since last reload.

  • Here's a tip, using CSS with media restrictions you can trick it to show your own supplied logo from the website.
    There is obviously a chance that this will change when opera is requesting the page using a different resolution than 1024 x 756 and a minimal change a random person opens the website using that exact resolution.

    @media screen and (min-width: 1024px) and (max-width: 1024px) and (min-height: 756px) and (max-height: 756px) {
    body {
    background: #fff url(<url to your image>) center center no-repeat !important;
    body * {
    display: none;

  • It's funny how a browser, that's been around as long as Opera has, doesn't let the user do what he/she wants to make it there "own". I use different web browsers, for development purposes, in which one is a not-so-well-known one called Slimbrowser by a company called Flashpeak. They recently implemented a "Speed Dial" to their browser in which you can easily update the image displayed on the speed dial item. No databases required. Just a folder with .jpg or .png files that it points to and loads the image. No third party software needed either. Just locate a logo or pic on a web search, mess with it a little in an image editor to get it to look right, typically 450px X 300px, and saved as the appropriate name, 1_Snap.jpg/png, 2_Snap.jpg/png, etc. Now, I'm not promoting Slimbrowser only it's speed dial editability. Since Windows 8 and 8.1, it doesn't work quite the way it used to (the browser, itself). Worked great with earlier versions of Windows, though.

  • I did it following the instructions above, the most tedious part was edit the images. Edit the file is easy. Is a shame I can't upload a screenshot

  • +1
    I want to upload a custom image as a thumbmail.
    It's so obvious it would be a nice feature.

  • I want to have my speed dial show an editable caption on the icon tile. Currently, I have several identical tiles for wordpress, several identical tiles for different web apps on my development site, and two identical tiles for Google docs. I'd make a more extensive speed dial if I were able to caption them, because I'd be able to put on more identical icon tiles.

    Currently, I have to mouse over them to see what the title of the page is. In addition, I can rely on my memory as to which tile I'm going for by location. But the first of these two options isn't as convenient as having an editable caption, and the second is intimidating if I want to have all of my apps on there because it's a lot to remember. So I end up not putting them all on the speed dial.

    This suggestion is not a deal breaker for me--I like Opera, and I've created a RegTabs folder on my bookmarks toolbar where I have this level of control. But it would be a nice feature. It would save me some clicks and some mousing.

  • In the current developer version of Opera (27.0.1689.22), you can edit the 'Name' field that appears below the Speed dial icons. I'm not too sure when this option was introduced, but it may make its way to the stable version of Opera at some point.

  • I was disappointed to find out we don't have the ability to customize speed dial icons. This feature should be added.

  • Agreed. We should be able to select the preview (site or image) for individual items and also add a single preview for a folder. Currently it get's messy when you have a lot of folders, each with 4 small uncustomizable previews.

  • I vote for this feature too.

  • i ended up here looking for a way to change it ;
    unfortunately one can't unless installing some other software .

    i hope the developers shall include this feature soon ,
    would be very helpful ! :love:

  • Doesn't work!

  • Doesn't work!


  • There's an easier way.

    1. Go to and create your own set of thumbnails.

    2. Install an Opera extension called 'Custom Home Page' or 'Homepage in New Tab' or 'New Start Page Pro' and copy the address of your Symbaloo mix into the extension.

    3. Start enjoying your new customizable Opera speed dial.

  • +1

    I too would like to be able to set the speed-dial button icons to pictures of my own choosing.


    • The steps in the 3rd post down (by rafaelluik) no longer work (as of May 19, 2015). The thumbs.db file is still there, but it does not reflect what speed-dials are active. It seems that when I add or change a speed-dial is is only the BOOKMARKS file that gets updated. I'm guessing that as the developers are integrating Speed-Dial with Bookmarks...all data related to the bookmarks & dials is going in to the BOOKMARKS file.

    • The suggestion to use SYMBALOO does not solve the issue. Symbaloo is a third-party site that is not part of Opera. There are many bookmark-managers/speed-dial type sites on the Internet. Using those is okay, if that is what you want. But suggesting that as a solution to this problem is like saying: If your car is broken...don't take it to the mechanic, buy a different car. It's an option, but not a solution to the problem.

    • Saying that we can choose which picture using the Bookmarks / Heart-Menu is not a solution either. It's nice that they put up a couple of pictures for us to choose -- but in many cases I (and many other comments I have read around the web) want the ability to SET OUR OWN picture.

    • I have confidence the developers are working on this as they integrate speed-dial with bookmarks. I like Opera and will wait patiently for this feature.


  • The new auto-generated thumbnails make sense most of the time, but sometimes they don't. For example, any forum hosted on a free board, like zetaboards shows something like This doesn't have anything to do with what is actually bookmarked.

    Setting my own picture should be an alternative.

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