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Redirecting Opera Mail 1.0 to Opera 12.16 omailbase

  • Years ago using Opera Mail within the browser (now 12.16) I set up my mail accounts and omailbase.dat on a separate partition under the assumption that for any new version of Opera Mail I would simply have to redirect it to that partition and all my accounts and thousands of e-mails would be available.

    Now however, when I try that with Opera Mail 1.0 I get a "failure to open omailbase.dat" message. It appears that somewhere between Opera 12.16 and Opera Mail 1.0 some or all of the basic mail files got revamped and are no longer compatible. I run Linux and am using Opera Mail 1.0 under Wine; I have easily entered the redirect address; however it is to an ext4 partition so I will next try moving the mail files to a NTFS partition.

    Can anyone confirm an incompatibility between the mail files in Opera 12.16 and Opera Mail 1.0? Or must I go on banging my head against the wall?

  • Which version of Mail? There was an update, the original release was build 1040 while the update was 1044. Having said that ... the files should not have changed. If you have configured wine properly and configured Mail to look in the right place it should mostly work. There may be some paths in accounts.ini that will need to be changed to Windows paths, but those are not for the mail database - they're for signature files and similar things.

  • In Opera Mail's operaprefs.ini (see "Menu -> Help -> About Opera Mail" for the location), do you have:

    Mail Root Directory=correct windows path to "mail" folder that omailbase.dat is in.

    There were some changes to the database format over the years. But, if you've made it to 12.16 with that omailbase.dat, there shouldn't be an issue with Opera Mail.

    It sounds like a path problem.

  • @sgunhouse

    I am using the 1044 version of Opera Mail. Although the Wine configuration program allows me to point to ext4 partitions, there is no indication that they will be able to be read. Will keep trying and let you know what happens.

  • @burnout426

    Although the Wine configuration program allows me to point to ext4 partitions, there is no indications that they will be able to be read. I do have that entry in operaprefs.ini as:

    Mail Root Directory=K:\mnt\GENERAL\MAIL

    where the "GENERAL" partition is an ext4

    Will keep trying and let you know what happens.

  • @hanky Why include the /mnt and all that?

    Wine is able to access ext4 partitions just fine - though recall in a Windows program you will be using \ instead of /. And of course, your user will need read and write access to the files and folders.

    I would have assigned K as /mnt/GENERAL/ and then set Opera's default mail folder as K:\mail\ or some such. It doesn't make sense to assign K as \ and then make root mail folder K:\mnt\GENERAL\mail\

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