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  • Well, for many European countries the VPN of Opera will work slowly, but it works, but in some others as it is my case does not open and is already doing a few dias, happy those who are asking for higher speeds ...

  • @zalex108 said in Reenabling Opera VPN:

    I even don't know what do you mean with "The VPN stopped working".

    Orange Icon?
    Connection interruptions?

    When I click on the icon and select "On," the icon turns orange and continues in this state without any changes. (It should turn orange and then blue, which means that a connection has been established.) The Internet does not work for me while the icon is orange, so that I have to turn off the VPN.

  • @berndstrauss

    If you didn't tested disabling the AV try it.

    Despite has worked before - as you said -, Opera made some VPN changes, maybe could be related.

    any recent DNS changes?

  • @zalex108 Yes , you can choose the country server for the VPN.
    Now I can see only 3 options ...Americas, Asia and........
    Can you said me something about this changues .
    I want to choose specific location for trademark software services .

  • This post is deleted!
  • Read the Blog post about: Renewed VPN.

    Despite that, since the beginning of the change, the speed is not enough for some scenarios and the location it's shown usually as Norway despite the VPN Server.

    I recommend to try Free VPN extensions from Opera or Chrome Store, at least until they fix or disable the service.

  • I have disabled the antivirus program, and the browser was again able to use the VPN. Do you know where I can learn what needs to be changed in the settings of Kaspersky Internet Security? Will the antivirus still be able to scan the connection? (It often blocks malicious links which I accidentally visit. I need the antivirus to continue protecting the system on the Internet.)

  • @berndstrauss

    Don't know where to look inside the AV, maybe exceptions, connections...
    Look for "add an exception in Kaspersky" on Google to know how to do it.

    If worked before - same AV -, try contacting with Kasperspy and explain them about since the Opera VPN changes, Kaspersky blocks the connection.

    In my case, I use uBlock with some lists and a hosts file - StevenBlackHostsFile -, it blocks adds and those links to be loaded - mostly, at least in my case, no problems -.

  • Thank you for the information. The same antivirus program did not block the VPN some time ago. I can see that the VPN starts working when I select “Do not scan encrypted connections” in the Settings. However, this may undermine security, since the antivirus program often blocks malicious links which I visit accidentally. Perhaps I will have to install a newer version to see whether it works better with the VPN.

  • @berndstrauss said in Reenabling Opera VPN:

    The same antivirus program did not block the VPN some time ago

    Then, ask to them.
    With the uBlock option you will be safe too.

    Apart of that, try a VPN extension and check if Kaspersly blocks the connection also, if works, you will be able to use a VPN, at least until the Opera VPN will be usable again

  • There is a bug in the Kaspersky Anti-virus
    “Opera VPN does not work with enabled encrypted connections scan”

    Temporary solution: