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Move Opera disk-cache - Opera 49.0

  • @edwinattaway
    Happy 2018 to you too!
    You say you moved your profile to the HDD, and it then went back to the SSD?
    I don't see why that would have happened, unless you somehow ran Opera without the switch.
    Remember that if Opera is your default browser and you run it by clicking on a link in an e-mail say, it will not have the switch applied and will run with its default settings.

  • @davehawley - There is ZERO way I haven't checked the switch and it's always been redirecting. Now, to add fuel to the fire, I did a back-up after cleaning with CC. That was on the 8th of this month. ALL CACHE is off my SSD. The propagating back of the cache and the profile MOVED ON IT'S OWN, and now, it's behaving as I intended. There seems to be a lot of "I don't see why that would have happened, unless you somehow ran Opera without the switch" and "it's OK as it is". This is a good browser, for most things, it just has a mind of it's own. As to the updates, I've tried, twice, to stop it. I've renamed ALL the executables concerned with auto updates and removed the task from scheduler. Thank you for you input. I'm writing a book on all the "ghosts in the machine". I have detailed records. "I don't see why that would have happened, unless you somehow ran Opera without the switch." - but it did.

  • @davehawley - I missed commenting on your e-mail statement. I NEVER run email from the browser. If a site wants me to contact them with their "browser" thingie, I decline. I've been at this for a long, long, time. As far as Opera goes, I'm more than diligent. I HAVE FOLLOWED ALL the suggestions paying particular attention to the smallest things. I knew about the bookmarks, extensions, and passwords. I mentioned them so as to warn others in case they didn't think of them. Thank you for your time.

  • @edwinattaway
    I only made that point because many people in the past have not realised that just putting a switch in on a shortcut does not mean that the program will always run in that mode. You are obviously well aware of that, so my apologies.
    Why at least part of your profile seemed to revert to the original drive, despite the path specified in the switch, is a bit of a mystery. It could just be a bug of course!

  • @davehawley If the program is started by a link.. Then the flag/switch wont register.

    Use this OR this to control links from other apps.

  • @rudrick
    Thank you, I'm well aware of that.
    It was exactly what I was bringing (quite unnecessarily!) to Edwin's attention, just in case he wasn't aware.

  • @davehawley - I need to apologize to those with nothing but good intentions. That is all of you that have replied and tried to help me. Now, guess what? IT'S BACK! The cache is split between two drives. I quit. The amount on my C-SSD is nowhere as big as the cache on my I-HDD. At least I accomplished something. My C-SSD is 7.87 MB, 37 files. My I-HDD is 436 MB, 2,063 files. Again, I let my frustrations get the best of me. You people didn't deserve my ire.

  • @edwinattaway

    Look at this too.

  • @edwinattaway
    No problem Edwin!
    The vast majority of your Opera user files do seem to be in the right place now anyway.
    I think if you use any extensions that some of them may actually need to put their files in the Windows user folders in order to work properly, and there may be nothing that can be done about this.
    That may be the case with some Opera user files too, but on my installation (admittedly an old version 36) there is no sign of this.

  • You can make a standalone installation of Opera on another drive AND make it the default browser on the system. See

  • @zalex108 - I found the file and I opened it with Visual Studio. I found the entry. It is "false". OK. If I want to attack this again, I know what to do. I will be repeating this next to davehawley and burnout426. Today, everyone gets "my undivided attention", individually. I believe I'm good, now. As davehawley suggests, which I agree with, some files have to be in the Windows folder. I respect that. I have moved so much to my I-HDD that I can't complain. I'm in love with Opera, again. I like the music, some, but not as much as I like Dido. I didn't know about the JSON file. I'm pretty good on computers, but I definitely don't know everything. Now, thanks to you and all the kind people who have made suggestions and asked questions, I know a heap more. This is a good community, and I regret letting the little things make me "sour", for time to time. I owe a double apology to dave. He seems to have let my consternation pass. Peace - ede

  • @davehawley - I agree 100%. I think I had come to that conclusion, but you confirm my "suspicion". I think the reason that I got my feathers ruffled with Opera, was that I had success, in the past, with moving all the files. There is no problem with the small number of files and the aggregate SSD use. Now, I'm good. dave, you've already "forgiven" me for being gruff, so I won't apologize but this, one, last time. I apologize, Dave. Everyone has been so kind to help and make suggestions. To anyone who is reading this and I came over as "wrong", I let the world get to me, from time to time. I hate when I look back and wonder why I responded that way. Oh, well. "I'm just a boy, not a man" - Dido, "See You When You're 40". Did you know I like Dido? Peace - ede

  • @burnout426 - Your turn. Did you know I like Dido?
    I considered that. I used to partition my HDD's to keep the OS from the Programs from the My Documents and such. When HDD's came down in cost and went up in size, I quit that. First, I had to direct everything to the proper drive. Also, I wanted to back-up my OS and not the 4 TB of junk I keep. Now, I prefer my programs files and my OS to "standalone" on my SSD. I'm sure moving the installation would be just fine, but there is something nagging in the back of my head that says I'd wish I hadn't. I have nothing to back that feeling up, but it's there. I've found out that I should pay attention to these things. "It's better to err on the side of caution." Thank you for your concern and for your suggestion. Peace - ede

  • @zalex108 - In reviewing the JSON file, I have a question. This looks somewhat like the config file that we were warned to be careful with. There doesn't seem to be that much that can be changed, but "autoupdate" can be changed to "false" and I think that I won't have to worry about losing the version I want? I tried other "fixes" and they don't seem to work - for me. This journey started with v. 49. It was autoupdated to 50, and I lost some of what I had gained with my "struggles" with 49. I don't mind updating, I just want to know it's happening, so I can be prepared. When 49 went to 50, I lost some of my bookmarks, but, luckily, I had them saved in an html file - which I have under lock and key. It's more of a hindrance than anything, but still, I want to decide when, where, and why things change on my computer. I'm only looking for someone that knows about this file to tell me I'm OK and that I won't have to result to listening to more opera - the music. Did you know I like Dido? It's "Too Bad" that I have to "Hurry Home" - only on the Odds & Ends demo album, as a demo, that I can find - and I really like Dido - … have to "Hurry Home", so "Give Me Strength" so that I won't be "Worthless" if I go "One Step Too Far". And that's just Odds & Ends. As soon as I finish with my silliness, I'll close Opera and update the JSON file to "false". I want to "Thank You" for being "Here With Me" because it's "My Life" and I don't want to "Slide" in my pursuit of "Honestly, OK"? When "Mary's In India", I need to "See The Sun" so that I won't raise a "White Flag". Silliness over - for now - or is it? Thank you for your time. Peace - ede.

  • @edwinattaway
    No problem again Edwin!
    I'm glad you're now happy with what you've got.
    Cheers, Dave.