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Delete "close other tabs" or change the number of recently closed tabs?!

  • Too much confussion 😞

  • Presto had an option to display a confirm dialog any time you were about to close more than 8 tabs ...

  • This post is deleted!
  • Is that too much to ask for? Even displaying a confirm dialog, like sgunhouse said?
    this is so weak, i will uninstall opera in the next few days. for me this browser is pretty useless then.

  • @guest1337 You can always ask for it in the proper forum section. If you can show that it would be useful for users and manage to get some interest from them, maybe people at Opera may start thinking of implement a confirmation dialog or even do some change on the menu.

  • @leocg I think it's easier to go back to Firefox than finding people for a Opera revolution 😃

  • For the love of God! Please address this issue! The same thing happened to me for the 4th time! I started bookmarking every tab ever so often for this specific reason but I may open dozens of tabs in between each fulln bookmark save and will lose days of information I had intended to research.

    It cant be that difficult to move that option into another group like other browsers do can it?


  • @apxdml You can request/suggest those options in the proper section of these forums.

  • I echo the frustration of everyone writing here.

    This is one of the most annoying and pointless design choices ever: you choose to add this feature, you place it directly under the close tab which everyone uses, and you give no option to recover.

    A recipe for disaster. If you do not understand it yourselves, having everyone here point it out should do. 1.3K views!

    And i'm sorry, but it should be your responsibility to take this input to the proper section of whatever forum. This is customer service 101.

    People here have already spent their time to point out the obvious to you, and are already frustrated enough.

  • @guest1337
    We hate one who invented "Close other tabs" button.

    It's as stupid as "Delete all your e-mails" button or something.

    Wish them a lots of misfortune, of course.