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Clearing cache, history, session, saved passwords

  • New user. Opera 49.0.2725.47, W10 64 bit.

    I have privacy settings set to what I consider the maximum. Always use privacy mode.

    When I clear browsing data, checking ALL boxes, then exit opera, then open CCleaner, I find the following:
    Opera Internet Cache,
    Opera Internet History,
    Opera Session, and
    Opera Saved Passwords, as entries to be deleted!

    Indeed, if I clear all of these using CCleaner, then open OPERA (automatically to my StartPage home page in privacy mode), then immediately close Opera, CCleaner shows me:
    Opera Internet Cache of 11,178 kb (several files),
    Opera Internet History of 189 kb (several files), and
    Opera Saved Passwords of 18 kb (1 file)

    I am annoyed.

    Is there: 1. any justifiable reason that Opera saves these files, when I specifically tell it to clear them, and 2. any setting/add-on, etc,. for me to get the result I want?

  • I have a very similar issue: I clear all history, passwords and auto-complete, restart Opera and it still (incorrectly) auto-completes a login name. It means I cannot log in!

  • @why Just change the login name.

  • @leocg Not sure I follow what you mean. The login name is determined by another organization. Using the wrong name and/or password in an attempt to reset Opera is something I have tried already.

    The only solution I have found is not to use Opera for this particular login. Which is a pain!

    The worrying implication is however that Opera says it deletes passwords, autocomplete etc. but in fact (sometimes, but consistently?) it does not. This is where I see the connection with the previous post.

  • @why I mean that if the wrong username is being filled, you just click on that field and edit it.

    You can also remove that info from the passwords manager to replace it with the correct one.