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Set self added Search Engines as Default

  • @acidinmyfridge I'm not using Opera Neon either. I like the normal Opera browser more but would like to set my own custom search engine.
    Can't be hard to implement in Opera Browser since it's available on Opera Neon.
    I messaged @opera several times on twitter and by email but I don't get an answer - maybe other users have more luck...

  • that is somewhat frustrating, to not even get an answer.
    if i may suggest: maybe take a look at vivaldi browser. i came across that browser a couple of months ago and i really like it a lot. it is chromium based, very customizable, has a lot of goodies going on (like tabstacking), ecosia can be set to default search engine. yyou download extensions directly from chrome webstore (ofc you can use opera add-ons too when you change file to crx and load it in dev mode). it is clean and neat and very functional, dev team and forums are very active and there is frequent updates.

    for me, using vivaldi works just great and i use it together with opera, and by how it is going, i might make it my preferred browser. excuse the wall of text, did not mean to monologue here ^_^

  • @acidinmyfridge I tested it once but I like and use Opera's sidebar very much, where you can add e.g. WhatsApp and Telegram Messenger, take screenshots,... Hope Vivaldi will add something similar 😃

  • @jwsp1 actually, vivaldi does have webpanels for whatsapp and fbmessenger, though i am having trouble getting the fbmessenger to work, the whatsapp webpanel works just fine. you can basically add any prefered website as a webpanel in vivaldi. there's also screenshot option in the right bottom bar ^_^ it's all there, just not in the same spot like in opera. it even has tab stacking 😃

    oh and btw: i found a solution (more or less) to the search engine issue: i found this add-on
    here you can set as default url for new tab. so whenever you open a new tab, it will just open ecosia search engine

  • @acidinmyfridge Didn't know about all the cool features! Just looked closer and you're right - Vivaldi has lots of interesting features too. Thanks!!

  • @jwsp1 you're very welcome, mate ^_^

  • OK, I am very mad at so stupid & unresponsive programing like on this problem.

    Opera team! You are programming fucking browser! Do you understand? Fucking browser!
    And, you haven't been able to understand priority about custom additional search engines that can become default!

    It is total madness! Sorry Opera team, but you are total idiots!

    Opera can't do custom additional search engines that can become default!
    Opera can't open custom personal default page every time Opera start or open new tab!

    Two fucking logically basic features for every browser and you cannot deliver!


    Opera are MORONS!
    It is phenomenal how much feature managers and programmers can be morons! FANTASTIC!
    Opera you even use your own browser?

  • @vb666 Watch your language. No one is forced to put up with you acting like a spoiled child who didn't get the wanted toy.

  • @leocg I created account on opera only for this comment. Don't take me wrong but every browser is allowing user to modify some basic functionality. While vb666 used bad language it DOES NOT make the issue less relevant. The sole fact that you are not allowing users to change the most basic thing in the browser is really unacceptable. What amazes that 5 (or 6 depending on country) built-in search engines but you are not allowing to remove, you are allowing users to add their own search engines but you are not allowing them to change them to use them as a default.

    vb666 should probably watch his language but you should watch your customers unless you have very good and reliable source of financing your project.

    By the way - I am using Opera only to download other browser because Opera pages are the only reliable pages working evn in outdated IE however I have no problems to switch to Vivaldi.

  • Neither Leo nor I have any direct input to the developers - this is a volunteer-moderated forum. While the developers do read the forums, there is no guarantee they will see any specific post or even thread. So, don't take your frustrations out on Leo.

  • oh well... I was planning to switch to firefox anyway after the Chinese consortium acquisition.

    Still I'm doubtful on using anything right now, it seems that all browsers require extensions to make extra search engines work(maybe not Edge, not sure).

    Starting to feel like a browser scrambler+self setup VPN makes more sense these days.

  • @ma77hiaz said in Set self added Search Engines as Default:

    Give the user the ability to click "Make Default" on self added search engines.**

    Only one word: YES.

  • @jojo0587 said in Set self added Search Engines as Default:

    @ma77hiaz said in Set self added Search Engines as Default:

    Give the user the ability to click "Make Default" on self added search engines.**

    Only one word: YES.


  • I support the idea.

  • For privacy reasons I want to make "" my primary search engine (which uses, but anonymize the search requests)

  • There is an alternative but it's a bit annoying. Do you know the keyword for every search engine? Type it at the beginning of every one of your searches (after typing the keyword press space) and done!. PS: I am using Ecosia too because of the Amazon Rainforest Fire.

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