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  • flash? #What happened to just putting it on auto? Now we have to click accept everytime? I don't like this at all 😢

  • As part of Flash deprecation process, Chromium now asks you to allow or deny playing Flash on a site when you go there for the first time.

  • I'm not a fan of this. I do not want to have to click "accept flash" all the time 😢 I went back to Opera 48. I loved Opera until this!!!

  • Well, Flash is gonna end anyway so it's time for sites to start moving to HTML5.

  • @leocg seriously?
    there's a problem and your solution is "whatever, that's gonna die anyway so why bother adressing it"
    The format isn't dead yet, it's still being used by a lot of people. Not even chrome has done this and I don't think it will do it until flash is well dead and buried forever, so why jump the gun? That's just bad craftsmanship and a poor habit to have.

  • I too am frankly disgusted that Opera chose to do this. I have several photo editing/video edit software that uses Flash. I was just ready to open up one of them to work on a photo and learn that "Flash is not enabled".
    Frankly, I am about to change to another browser (even though I don't want to) as my default. I loved Opera up to this point.
    Why didn't you take into consideration that many of us still are relying on it? Very presumptuous of you. Who has the time to "accept flash". Indeed, I don't even get a notice to accept it. So what am I supposed to do now?

  • @graveyardgirl it was a Chromium decision not an Opera one. They started aiming at a plug-in free Web a long time ago and ending support for Flash is part of the process.

    And I didn't get how this affects your other softwares.

  • @leocg
    When I try to use PicMonkey, it says Flash is not installed or is disabled. I hit the Activate button, and it just takes me to the Flash download page. Over and over again.
    I use Kizoa for videos, it too asks me to install or activate Flash; if I hit activate it also takes me to the Adobe Flash download.
    If I go to Firefox, I do not have a problem. Every one of those sites works as they should.
    I refuse to use Chrome for a number of reasons, so don't know what is going on there (also Internet Explorer).

    I had recommended Opera to a number of people and now they are asking me what has happened. Somebody arbitrarily decided to just say OK, that's it. There are a lot of unhappy people right now. You ought to see the forum over at Adobe with people complaining about Opera and unsuccessfully trying to fix things.

    Lousy way to do this. Whoever made the decision, Opera is the one ending up looking bad.
    And I also found the following:
    "Note: Adobe will stop supporting Flash at the end of 2020" That's three years from now.
    I'm usually don't get worked up like this but honestly this has been causing angry users who did not receive any warning or explanation. Glad to know it wasn't just me. I can remember when the Web used to be fun....

  • @graveyardgirl OK, so you are not talking about softwares but about webpages that do photo/video editions.

    BTW, things work the same way in Chrome as well in other Chromium based browsers. And other browsers like Firefox will follow it probably sooner than later.

  • @graveyardgirl there is an opera add-on, site settings sidebar. setting plugin+NPAPI plugin to allow (pop-up too if needed) enabled the flash and i could display any flash content without problems. you set this once on any desired website, and opoen it in a new tab, it saves that setting and will always display the flash content without having to click to play.

    also there is another workaround,

    maybe one of these options will work for you. I know it's not a complete solution, but it's decent enough workarounds.