Wacom and Opera (49.0.2725.34)

  • I can't mark text anymore. I have issiues with the tablet since a couple of updates, but now it's the worst. This new Blue Drop is braking my Intuos... The behavior is like for an touchscreen... not desktop PC

  • Blue drop? Is that the pointer used for the pen? That sounds quite silly, I may have to dig out my old tablet and see - I never used it that much.

  • the Blue Drop is to mark a segment of text to select and copy/past. Like on a standalone Tablet which you have to operate by fingertip.
    With the mouse I can select text. It does not work with Wacom Tablet

  • @moebiusopera try selecting the tex while pressing the side button on your stylus. I have a Surface Pro 2 (wacom digitizer) and thats what happens to me. Other problem i have is that i can't resize or move the pop-up window of a video, neither i can resize or move the area i want to capture with the new Snapshot tool. Can you try that and tell me if is an issue with your tablet too? thanks.

  • Yes, I can highlight text by pressing the button, but it goes also back to the last page. Not great...
    Don't know pop-up videos, but the same issue with the snapshot tool.
    Nothing changed with the update from today

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