[Dev 50] Memory & CPU leak problem

  • Hi

    I have problem about CPU & Memory on Opera Dev 50. When I updated to 50.0.2753.0, CPU and memory is used higher more than previously version(Opera Dev latest 49 version before up to 50).

    It's just open program and wait about 5-10 minutes, CPU and Memory are used high and hang or freezing. I'll tried to disable any addon and it doesn't work. I'll tried end procress by Task manager on browser(by Shift + Esc) and close any tab + running background so it doesn't work too.

    I closed any tab + running background by Task Manager. See image

    And this is graph of running CPU and Memory. It's very strange... 😕

    And the last one is all procress running while open Opera Dev 50.0.2753 browser.

    So it's a bug? if not, how to solve this problem?

    Opera Dev 50.0.2753
    Windows 7 64-bit

  • @maxzone5432 There are alrady 3 threads about it 🙂 The solution is to wait for the next build, or use a more stable version like the Beta 🙂

  • @xirit32 said in [Dev 50] Memory & CPU leak problem:

    like the

    OK I'll waiting the next build. Thanks for reply

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