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New Opera Forums launched

  • There is no FAQ on Linux forums, nor on Mac's.

    I don't use Linux nor Mac so it would be kinda complicated for me to create a FAQ for those systems.

    There is no reference to Windows FAQ into *Nix / Mac forums for shared fixes

    I'll probably try to create one general FAQ for Opera for desktops to cover things that aren't OS specific.

    After looking at Profile's options, can not find any option to add a signature.

    I was talking about the new forum.

  • Just a head's up: the migration will most likely start today in the late evening (UTC) and should finish by the end of next day.

    During the migration this forums will be closed as read-only. When the migration is complete opening will take you to the new place 🙂

  • Nice to see the new forum finally going to public. Nice work.

  • Checking it out now.

  • "Watch topics you reply to" should be checked by default.

  • @burnout426 said in New Opera Forums launching soon!:

    "Watch topics you reply to" should be checked by default.

    Not sure about that. I think the old forums had it disabled by default.

  • @amatczak Yes, it was disabled in the last iteration of the forums, which was really weird and unexpected. In all the earlier iterations though, subscribe-on-reply was always the default like most forums.

  • If the forum gives an option to insert custom meta/link tags, it'd be great to specify an opera forums logo/thumbnail for use with speed dial in browsers.

  • @burnout426 maybe you're right. I'll check if I can turn it on with one click out would we have to manually turn it on for all user

    [EDIT] Turned on. I think now all users that have not disabled that setting themselves should have it on.

  • @burnout426 said in New Opera Forums launching soon!:

    If the forum gives an option to insert custom meta/link tags, it'd be great to specify an opera forums logo/thumbnail for use with speed dial in browsers.

    We'll look into that

  • The new forum looks good!
    It's great to finally have some quick and easy formatting buttons when you compose a post.
    The list of available emoticons is IMO unnecessarily huge though.

  • OS Win7 Pro 32-bit. Posting from beta v49.

    New forums have a great new look great. Still working my way around as yet but can't fault anything thus far. Thanks to Opera for yet again making improvements. 🙂

  • Could you edit the From header in notification emails?

    Currently it's:


    If you make it:

    From: Opera Forums <>

    it'll then say "Opera Forums" in the message list in your client like the old forums.


  • @burnout426 I'll add this to our backlog.

  • Notification emails have a giant pic at the top that takes up a lot of vertical space before you even get to the text. It's often necessary to scroll just to see the text (depending on resolution and client layout of course).

    Vivaldi forums have this issue now too. But, it's only recent there (probably due to an upgrade of the plugin or something). Before, the message was much simpler with text at the top with a white background (it was still a text/plain + text/html multipart/alternative message).

    Something that could be tweaked when possible.

  • @burnout426 Yes, we're aware of that - redesigned email templates were only introduced less than a week before the roll-out, with 1.6.0 upgrade of NodeBB, and we simply didn't have time to style the email template like we'd like. It's on our todo list already. Be sure that after we're done it will look much better (the giant pic on top is a bit of an eyesore indeed 😜 )

  • In Thunderbird, I'm subscribed to the "Opera for Windows", "Opera for Linux" and the "Opera for Mac" feeds. I have them in an RSS folder named "_Opera". Also in that _Opera folder, I have a saved searched named "M2 Forum".

    The saved search is set to search in those 3 feeds. It has a search criteria rule set to "match any of the following". I then have these rules:

    If subject contains mail
    If subject contains m2
    If subject contains accounts.ini
    If subject contains message
    If subject contains label
    If body contains accounts.ini

    I then add/remove rules as needed if I get false positives or if I find something that it missed where the rule won't create false positives.

    I used to have just one rule that was:

    If subject contains Opera Mail - 

    , but I was missing too many threads because few put "Opera Mail -" in the thread subject.

    Anyway, just reporting that this setup still works (after I updated the feed URLs for the new forum) and still catches most Opera Mail threads

  • @amatczak said in New Opera Forums launching soon!:

    @burnout426 I'll add this to our backlog.

    Let's test this.

  • The favicon of this forum is very pixelated in contrast to the desktop team blog e.g.:
    alt text

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