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New Opera Forums launched

  • @burnout426 said in New Opera Forums launching soon!:

    That's just all on the side though. The actual problem in NodeBB is the big image at the top of the email. Getting rid of the image and the black space above it would make things so much better.

    The "black space" is actually where the headers are, black text on a black background, as you can see if you select it!

  • @davehawley Can't confirm. What mail client?

  • @burnout426
    It's a rather ancient copy of Eudora!
    I think in other clients the black band does not include the headers and is therefore not as wide.

    alt text

  • @davehawley Ah, I see. 馃檪

  • @amatczak Yes, after testing for a while, the link in notification emails does indeed work correctly where it navigates to the correct post.

  • @davehawley It looks to me like Eudora not parsing and rendering that e-mail correctly. These fields should be rendered as application's native UI, since e-mail headers are not part of the e-mail content 馃槈

  • @amatczak I'm sure you're right, and it doesn't surprise me.
    It is a very old program, not updated since 2006, and does struggle to display some modern e-mail formats properly.
    Its one saving grace is that it's one of the few (possibly only) e-mail clients that allows you to edit and re-save received messages, so it's usually possible to correct the display problems.
    I keep using it because I have an archive of messages stored in it going back to the 1990s, but I really should let it go now!

  • Hmm, I'm looking for a link to list all threads I'm watching. I'm not seeing one.

  • Nevermind. Found it. I had to go to my profile, click the 3 vertical dots and choose "watched".

  • Hmm, I don't think all/any of my starred threads from the old forum were automatically watched in the new forum. I'm guessing there wasn't an easy conversion for that.

  • @leocg said in New Opera Forums launching soon!:

    There is no FAQ on Linux forums, nor on Mac's.

    I don't use Linux nor Mac so it would be kinda complicated for me to create a FAQ for those systems.

    There is no reference to Windows FAQ into *Nix / Mac forums for shared fixes

    I'll probably try to create one general FAQ for Opera for desktops to cover things that aren't OS specific.

    After looking at Profile's options, can not find any option to add a signature.

    I was talking about the new forum.

    As I've been seeing, you can:

    • Ask to Opera employees to help on this task.
    • Ask to @Sgunhouse (if I'm not wrong he's playing with Linux and Mac).
    • Take a look at those forums, right now they have the most common asked questions and most of the fixes found by the users themselves.
    • Open a thread asking for missing FAQ points.

    Not a task just for you @LeoCG but for all Opera Employes - Opera's forums Moderators.

  • For the record, I do Windows, Linux and Android - someone else needs to cover Mac. Not that I don't try to answer general questions in the Mac forum, but I don't own any Apple equipment - neither Mac nor IOS devices.

  • Talking about the FAQ, haven't seen it, and the "How to post about a problem" either. 馃檮

    Still repeating the same answers...

  • Thanks @LeoCG

  • @amatczak

    I would personally enjoy having a more rapid experience for "review post" period. I just recently posted two replies (over an hour ago) and none of my posts are published. I even refreshed the page, nothing. Deleted all history, and restarted opera and logged back into still nothing. I am hoping the processing time it takes from clicking "post" to actually seeing the post publish is more speedy with the new forum. That would be a major improvement.

    thanks...looking forward.

  • @amatczak

    edit: it reads "queued for review"...I understand the need to filter unwanted or undesirable content, based on rules, but there is nothing within any of my posts that would be offensive or out of bounds. I am hoping the new forum will shorten the delay time.

  • @808freesurfr

    this queue applies only to users that have never posted anything to Opera Forums. Such fist-time posts require a manual review and approval by a Moderator or Opera Staff member. You don't have to do anything on your part - once it is approved it will show up wherever you posted it.

    While I understand that you would like to see your reply right away, please bear in mind that Moderators are volunteers and enthusiast just like you and are not compensated for their effort - therefore they need to work a regular day job 馃槈 Opera Staff members on the other hand have a lot of other responsibilities and cannot be present on the Forums 24x7.
    As a result the review process can take up to 24 hours (rough estimate) but of course we do our best to make it shorter. Again this only applies to the situation where you have never posted as a measure to fight spam and unwanted content. Your next posts will show up immediately.

  • Found via that each tag has its own RSS feed. Sweet!

    Names with spaces would of course have %20 for the spaces.

  • I'm finding "Use outgoing links warning page" being turned on to be annoying. Every time I left-click a link to another site, I get that warning page and then have to manually approve the redirection. It's like having automatic redirection turned off in Opera 12.

    There doesn't seem to be an option to override the default on a per-user basis.

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