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  • VPN downloads are still failing. This has been extant in some form since mid-June and the only thing which has changed is that now they are repeatedly described as "interrupted: file incomplete". Most servers will allow them to be continued, but not all.

    This happens to all files (of any type, as long as they are large enough to take more than a couple of minutes to download). The exception is that any files for which there is no time estimate will complete as expected.

    Please fix this, and properly this time, so that the one really good reason to use Opera instead of Firefox actually works.

  • VPN on my one Mac is working. On my other Mac it just shows connecting endlessly. Can't connect to the internet either. If I turn it off then I can connect. It was working before then it suddenly stopped working. Version: 47.0.2631.71 Opera is what I have on both computers. Have Sophos AntiVirus. I read somewhere AVG was a problem. Have not seen anything on Sophos. I also went to the Preference settings and emptied out the browser cache and cleared out the "third party services data". That did not work. Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas to try? I am thinking if I uninstall and reboot then try to install a fresh copy from the internet. Though I'd rather not since I will lose all the settings. Thanks in advance!

  • That's called thread hijacking. Please start a new thread to get you issue addressed.


    Downloads either fail virtually immediately and refuse to restart or they stop regularly and have to be restarted.

    When are you going to fix this major flaw with your key feature? If it's SurfEasy's fault, shout loudly until it sorts it out.

  • This is still happening, yet no-one else seems to be bothered by it in the least, which I find strange. Surely, someone from Opera can read this forum and communicate about this issue. If you want more information, you have only to ask and I will try to provide what I can.

  • I see this with version 48.0.2685.52 as well. Downloads seem to halt about half way through, but I've noticed they are more reliable if I choose a specific country, rather than the optimal location setting.

  • I'm on 48.0.2685.52 (Mac Sierra) & can't download at all. I've tried all the options - Optimal and each country setting...the downloads start and then fail fairly quickly.

    I'd had the same problem with an earlier versiom of Opera - it updated & I could download again. Then this new update caused the same problem as before...

  • Updated to 49 - same result. Downloads start then fail quickly.

  • @dingo256 Opera Version 49.0.2725.34. Still can't download. File download starts and fails almost immediately.

  • Still present at version 56.0.3051.116