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Feedback: Opera Mini v16 for IOS

  • This update is HORRIBLE.

    You've crammed the main screen with news I don't care about and squished my quick links into a TINY space!
    I LIKED the sleek, grayish silver colors of the app! This White/Red setup makes it look like every other app out there!
    Put the news where I didnt care about it before v16, in it's own page!
    Put my quick links where they were before v16!
    Stop changing everything without consulting your users!

  • I forgot to note, I liked the Dark Style everything had, now it's all stark white, even the bookmarks menu! Change it back, or add a old style theme!

  • Custom Themes - red header.

    After latest update on iOS I have a bright red top header (like the old YouTube iOS design).

    Cannot find theme/color options in settings.

    "Now, you can even customize the browser with themes."

    iPhone 6s. iOS 10.3.3. Opera Mini 16.0.0 Norwegian.

  • Its just like every other app-they want to look like chrome so bad that they ignore feedback.

    If you want that crap news out of the way, do as I did in this picture:

  • The reason I posted above was to find out where the settings for custom themes are.

    My primary purpose for using Opera Mini is to force certain web pages into desktop view on iPhone (User Agent). Otherwise I prefer native Safari (much more elegant and fast) or Google Search app. I don’t sync Mini with Opera desktop browser and I don’t use mobile bookmarks or News.

    The home page and news page(s) do not bother me, as I always have some default tabs open on Opera Mini and they are shown on startup. If I have to open a new tab, I press + and write/paste directly into the address bar – not really noticing what is below.

  • iOS app updated to 16.0.1 today, still no settings found for theme or color.

  • This update is HORRIBLE.

    Confirm. Officious news is a terror against of your users.

  • The new ads were annoying enough. The news feed is worse.

    I'm using Mini less and less...


  • Since more than 4 years I use Opera mini. It worked great on my old Phone LGLii Now I use it on an IPhone 5c
    I love Opera Mini because the datareduction. Until version 16.0.1 I could switch off all newsfeeds, top stories, for you..
    (not for me) etc... I DONT NEED NEWSFEEDS.... I cannot switch te news off in this version and that's really annoying!!!
    Now the app loads slower and charges more mobile data! How can I put the news off? Or can I go back to a previous version?

  • Opera Mini changed to News Reader from Web Browser. So, I stopped to use Opera Mini. But if News feature don't show under Speed Dial, I maybe would to use Opera Mini again! I don't like that news showed under Speed Dial. I want to access the website of Speed Dial on start page quickly! Only this. But if Opera Mini changed the way to access news feature, I maybe would use again. This way is swipe right side. If Opera Mini changed the way to access news feature to only swipe right side on Speed Dial, I think this is good. It is good as Web Browser. And I would to watch news feature.

    And I hope to customize news by myself. Not by AI. I feel pain to watch not interested news. So, I couldn't keep to use Opera Mini. I can't wait that AI customize.

  • No ability to reorder tabs?

  • Version 16.0.3 Norwegian version on iOS 11 iPhone 6s.

    App constantly crashes and restarts when trying to edit Speed Dial.

    Like every single time.

    How can you be so far off Safari functionality and user experience? It's mind-boggling, you have been improving this app for years and besides having Opera Turbo (good) it's still one of the worst mobile browsers out there.

    I love Opera Desktop, but Opera Mini is useless compared to Safari and Chrome.

  • Also seeing those crashes/restarts here on both an iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE but only when deleting speed dial folders.

    Upgrading to 16.0.3 also restored all of the default speed dials that I had previously deleted. It would be nice if an upgrade/update could honour all of my speed dial preferences and not reinstall the default set each time.