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  • Hello,

    Starting using Opera recently on Android. I was wondering if its possible to have the open a link later option that we have in Firefox. How this works is that be it any app, clicking on the hyperlink i get a toast notification that the link is opened in Firefox and I get a notification on the status bar letting me know that a tab is waiting for me. Thank you for reading.

    PS I tried to check if somebody had asked for this already, apologies if this is a duplicate

  • I'm not sure if I got what you mean.

    When you click on a link in any app, that link is opened in the app internal browser or in the default browser if you have set one. So it will notify me that the page that I'm seeing being opened is already opened? Or I am missing something?

  • The link opens in the browser, but the browser itself remains in the background so you continue working (or playing, as it were) in your other app. I have no use for it, but I've seen it before. When Opera for Android was freezing/crashing on me I set Firefox as default, and when I clicked a link in Mail that is what Firefox did.

  • The link opens in the browser, but the browser itself remains in the background

    On my phone the browser come to foreground when you click on a link in an app.

  • Firefox? Opera and Chrome do, but not Firefox.

  • Firefox? Opera and Chrome do, but not Firefox.

    OH, I see.

  • And lets say an app has an inbuilt browser as well then long pressing on the link will again open the link in Firefox in the background rather than the app in-built browser.. For example Google news does it (after chrome is installed) but if I long press on the news I can read it later on Firefox. And moreover Firefox gives an option of you want to read the tab now, in the form of a toast notification

  • Can't you bookmark?

  • That is not possible.. I am in a different app, not the browser, another example is I am in the mail app, I want to open a link from one of the mails, I click on it, then instead of redirecting me to the browser I get a notification in the status bar and a toast notification saying tab is opened click here if you want to go it now. Once I am done with the mails, I can go to the browser and the link would be opened for me then

  • This extension might be useful:

  • Thank you Rudrick but unfortunately the extension you shared is available for desktop version only and this feature is something that I am looking for in the mobile version.. Never mind if the powers that be deem this a good feature we will get it someday.. I am pretty happy with browser as it is today ☺