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[Solved]Functionality issue with v46.0.2597.39

  • My OS is Windows 10 64 bit, I am also having a similar problem with Opera's latest updates, some pages are too slow with Opera and for some reason I keep seeing the "blue loading circle". And the website mentioned in the first post is the same with me, the website won't even load, there is a huge lag even when closing the website.
    I am also having the same issue with the state's weather forecast website only where you can see the weather forecast chart:
    Maybe it has something to do with the services used to create those charts?

  • I am also having the same issue with the state's weather forecast website only where you can see the weather forecast chart:

    It seems fine here.

  • I think it would be better to report that problem. Mention this topic in your report.

    Hi Leo, thank you for your assistance which is much appreciated.

    I downloaded "Chrome" v59.0.3071.115 again to recheck my findings. The URL I mentioned functions without any problem whatsoever on Chrome, though I find Opera [v46] is faster, yet doesn't work as intended on that URL as mentioned, but it's still thumbs up for Opera 🆙

    One interesting thing I noticed in Opera v46.0.2597.57 (from which I write this), the Browser Identification string also refers to the above version of Chrome. As both browsers are built on chromium, I wonder if this may perhaps point more towards an Opera v46 issue with Win7 Pro 32-bit. I hope this info helps Opera.

    I will raise a report as you suggest. Thank you.


    Hi Team, possible FIX to my single issue above. Tried this from Developer channel latest version.

    Came across the following info elsewhere as follows:

    • Go to opera://flags and find Override software rendering list and change its value to Enable from Disable.

    • Then find Enable GPU rasterization and set it to Enabled from Default.

    • Then relaunch browser.

    So with everything crossed that's what I tried. BINGO - the URL I first mentioned above working 100% again. To be sure I changed those two flags back to their original values and relaunched [developer] browser. Sure enough the graph on the URL was not working and could not scroll the page when the graph was trying to load.

    Modified those sett's again as described, and the URL working again. So now this issue is absolutely an Opera issue. I'm not brave enough to try the same on the current Stable and beta versions without support.

    At least this now gives Opera Developers a head start to work on and hopefully to fix. The issue started from v46 first version.

    My OS Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. Thank you.

  • Hi violetphoenix

    weather forecast chart:

    Found something that may assist you on my Win7 Pro 32-bit machine.

    I found exactly as you describe on that site. However, When I clicked on the "English" tab top right, the site you mention functioned without problem, including ALL the graphics, animated or otherwise, and all the links.

    Also checked it out on Win10 Home (Anniversary Update), and agree with leocg, it works fine.

  • My issue now reported at bug wizard. Thanks loecg. 🆙

  • Hi Team, this is my final contribution to this thread.

    OS: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, using Opera v46.0.2597.57. I think my latest findings may (or may not) assist other Opera users with slower/older systems, and those users with acceleration issues.

    Regarding my above mentioned URL which I repost here for convenience

    I found that by changing ONLY "Override software rendering list" in opera://flags, to Enable from Disable, then relaunching the browser, offers a 100% cure.

    This flag "Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations".

    On my system above, Opera://GPU displays "WebGL: Hardware accelerated but at reduced performance".

    Changing this one flag to "Enable" makes WebGL setting in GPU display: "Unavailable" (on my system).

    Also noteworthy when changing this flag, is that it displays the GFS in GPU (on my system) back to how it was in v45.0.2552.898, this being the last version where the above URL worked correctly on my Win7 system.

    In addition, when in beta or developer on my Win7 system, only by changing this flag to "Enable" will the URL above work correctly as intended.

    I confirm there are zero issues with current Opera versions when using Windows 10 Home (version 1703) 64-bit, and the URL works as intended without changes.

    So while I found a 'fix' for my Windows 7 Professional 32-bit system, I hope this info helps other dedicated Opera users.

  • Some good news for Opera devs, SOLVED

    Giving regard to this thread I started, and specifically to my Win7 Pro 32-bit system, I guess it's right I place this update here to finish this discussion.

    There have been several Opera versions since I first posted this issue, but I'm very pleased to confirm that Opera v47.0.2631.55 Stable, and v48.0.2679.0 developer, fully function on the above (charts) as intended without any changes whatsoever to flags as previously mentioned.

    So whatever was happening with v46, it clearly had issues with the above. As we now have a functioning v47 Stable, I see no reason to keep this discussion open as this info will still be available to read?

    I further confirm there are zero issues with the above on my Win10 Home (v1703) 64-bit system.

    Thank you to Opera developers for a great browser that just keeps getting better with user feedback. :cheers:

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