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Opera doesn't remember passwords

  • Hello everyone, i've downloaded opera and i'm really happy with it but i have a problem : every time i need to write down my passwords or email even when i choose to save them.
    When i go in the passwords section in the parameters : nothing
    i don't have any extensions, i tried with my antivirus disabled and nothing changed.
    please help me

  • Welcome to Opera's forums @Iawhl!

    Is Opera asking you to save passwords?
    Take a look at Settings > Passwords to acknow if any password is saved or not.

  • I got the same problem on a few(!) sites!
    Including logging into Adobe! (

    I currently have no saved password for this site.
    The "Never saved" list is empty too!
    Passwords are not synced (if that makes any difference...).

    What's so different on these sites (don't know any other off the top of my head)?

  • Any difference cleaning site Cookies and Cache?

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  • Hi, thanks for your recommendation.

    I've deleted all data ("Clear browsing data") except passwords and cookies/site data. Then searched for "adobe" in "All cookies and site data" and deleted all of that.

    Unfortunately, that didn't help...

    The elements on the page are "email" and "password", so it should be recognized by Opera.

    Disabling the Adblocker doesn't help either.

  • Adobe sets autocomplete="off", so Opera is behaving properly there. It is possible to override this in opera://flags at opera://flags/#enable-autofill-ignore-autocomplete-off, but as I said currently Opera is doing exactly what it is supposed to there.

    (Due to restrictions in the browser, you must copy the address above to use it.)

  • Since when are the autocomplete settings (regardless of browser or website setting) used for password fields?

    And it doesn't work enabling/forcing those.

    The problem is: Opera isn't even asking you, after logging in, if you want to save the password for this site (can be tested with, but is true on other sites as well).

    So it's not to "auto fill" that doesn't work, it might be because Opera doesn't "get" that a login just happened to ask if you want to save said login?

  • Did you try it?

  • Yes 馃檪
    Can you log into adobe and save your credentials? Because that would suck for me, as I have no idea why my "Opera installation" should be that different...

  • I don't currently have an account there.

  • Ok, then I'll try it on a different computer, with another internet connection (which also means different firewalls)...

    I'll get back.


  • Unfortunately, it doesn't work on another computer with a different Opera installation and all that. So it's definitely Opera it self...