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Opera using too much memory

  • I have Opera 45.0 on a Windows 10 laptop with 8Gb of memory.
    While I love Opera as a browser, it is eating the memory on this laptop to the extent that even File Explorer fails to open until I shut down Opera. Task Manager is showing nearly 100% memory usage in this scenario.
    All is good then for a while but when I re-open Opera, eventually I end up with the same problem.
    I'm only talking around 6 or 8 tabs open when this happens and none of them are doing anything stressful like playing video for example.
    Without Opera running, memory usage is usually around 40%.

    There seem to be a number of posts on Google about fixing the problem but none of them are applicable to Opera 45.0.

  • Check in Opera's Task Manager what is using so much memory.

  • Welcome to Opera's forums @Moapp!

    For memory problems just rest around 7 hours +/- and keep away from tech devices for an hour before going to bed...
    and keep a healthy live... :rolleyes:

    For Opera 45 Memory problems...
    Do you use any extensions?

    Try disable them, cleaning cache and also a clean profile and test it for a while, read the Back Up info too.

    Leo's suggestion could be faster... for Opera xD

  • This has been an on and off problem for the last 4 months, Memory problems and then it's fixed for a few weeks and then comes back. During that time I get windows updates and sometimes opera updates. Needs to get fixed permanently or I'm going back to firefox.

  • Just kill GPU process if it's much on RAM.

    Also check app CleanMem (Win10) if you will.

  • I have the same issue here, with a couple of tabs opened Opera is using more than 1Gb of RAM.

  • dev, beta or stable?

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