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Opera Mini 26 for Android

  • Still it takes too much time to enter facebook after browser restart. The first loading takes too long time.
    Why Opera Mini's first loading (first connection setup) is too slow ????
    If I try to stream/play any video then the first loading takes so long time.
    Also, When I try to download any file, Opera Mini can't able to start download instantly. It takes damn long time to start download. But if I pause & resume then it can pause & resume instantly.
    Facebook is a issue. After adding 'Facebook Optimization' feature. Then it takes more time to successfully enter Facebook.
    Is there has any problem on Opera Mini server? Is the Access Time/Ping Rate is too high? Why Opera Mini has slow connection setup problem?
    Fix this ASAP

  • I'm so getting increasingly frustrated by OperaMini especially in when Data savings is activated. Like its not worth it anymore. Everything seems to broken.

    Streaming takes ages.

    Downloading a file more than 3MB takes ages to start. It often outputs "Invalid Link". In contrast, UCMini starts downloading the same file immediately.

    Pages broken, that is, Incomplete page rendering of, black bands on articles in, broken to name a few.

    No way to clear Download History without deleting the file on Storage.

    My sense of loyalty is waning.

  • Hello everybody!!!
    Can't you opera mini' s developers add a "what's new" page to be loaded after an opera mini update? also I ask for the "clear all finished downloads button"

    None of the images from this site, can't be downloaded using Opera Mini.

  • Lastest version without ads... very sad 😞

  • Very Speedy. Does not work on the Transport for London Journey Planner, usually referred to as TFL Journey Plannner, so mostly useless to many people living in London UK. At least does no work on my Samsung Galaxy Fame. Other browsers access it fine.

  • Ok, @miyukiwork you said "we've accelerated download speed" but how?
    Opera Mini devs are used to say that there's no way to accelerate the download speed. If ISP provide well speed then only you can get well speed.
    Many days ago, I've a feature request named "Multiple Threaded Connection" for each individual downloading file. I know this can't able to increase the speed beyond my ISP provide but it surely can help to fully utilize the bandwidth to download files. And as of now, most of the web server supports web throttling/acceleration feature. So, it would be better if the deves add this feature.
    But from Opera Quality QA team. They deny. They argue with me that it wont help. I don't even know why??? !!!!
    Moreover, I also said that Opera Mini servers are too poor to handle the downloading stuffs.
    We can see a clear winner if we look & test both Opera Mini & UC Browser. In file downloading speed or downloading management UC always wins over Opera Mini.

  • Hi Mam,
    Good Day.Would be kind enough to tell me,where's the"Zoom"option in"Opera Mini v28"for Android.
    Thank you & Kind Regards.

  • ,where's the"Zoom"option in"Opera Mini v28"for Android

    Just pinch the page with your fingers, it should work.

  • Unlike Video Player, There has no option to wind forward or backward in the built in Audio Player. Why? While in video steaming I can swipe forward or backward the playing video but while audio streaming Opera Mini just can't.
    Please add, forwarded-backward button in the audio player.

    Moreover, If a audio file is 27MB sized file Opera Mini can able to play that following audio instantly after click PLAY.
    But if a video file is even 300KB sized file Opera Mini can't able to play that following video instantly. After click PLAY it does "Loding..Loading..Loading..Loading.. & Loading.
    And after 4-5 minutes of loading then the video played.
    What type of video player is this ???? Totally annoying !!!!

  • I downloaded and installed some Opera Mini to a tablet, but due to some difficulties along the way I'm not sure which version it is. Is there a way to like "right-click" on that to see "version"?

    Well, presuming it's latest (26), there was a site rendering issue. is displayed fine in every other browser but this Opera Mini: e.g., there are two bunches of rectangular buttons somewhere in the middle by height, the right one being "uslugi"/"services" (which is the point I visit there) -- so out of like a dozen+ only one or two are present at all (I tried reopening, clicking "places" around, scrolling-searching if they're "moved" somewhere in the page - didn't find it).

  • I downloaded and installed some Opera Mini to a tablet, but due to some difficulties along the way I'm not sure which version it is. Is there a way to like "right-click" on that to see "version"?

    You can see the version under Settings.

  • Settings in tablet?

  • Settings in tablet?

    There too, in Settings > Apps. Select Opera Mini and you should be able to see the installed version.

    Or in Opera Mini settings.

  • How do I block adds in Opera 29? Is there a way to block a page from loading? I keep deleting it from history, but it keeps loading and pulling up the browser. Help me please.

  • How do I block adds in Opera 29?

    Such question doesn't exactly belongs to Opera Mini 26 thread. Answering your question: the same way as before, by enabling the data savings and the ad-blocker inside it.

    Is there a way to block a page from loading?

    Nope. However if the page is loading without any action from your side then something may be wrong with your phone.

  • There has no latest thread.
    Like Opera Mini 28
    or Opera Mini beta 29
    Why there's no such thread?

  • There has no latest thread.

    And...? You can always open one to discuss your problem or even one to discuss Opera Mini 29 itself.

  • Settings in tablet?

    There too, in Settings > Apps. Select Opera Mini and you should be able to see the installed version.
    Or in Opera Mini settings.

    Apologies. Unless that version number differs from-- whatever.
    (Thing is, I'm in hospital - I use the tablet (free WiFi), home - the comp.) It said like 20.etc.. Can't remember which way I downloaded it now, only that I didn't seem to pick the version manually. Anyway I'm to start a thread of my own then, aren't I?
    (Gosh, it's so jammed!) Checking now again, version 20.0.2254.110284, if I've made it out correctly (font small).

  • Opera Mini's "Media Streaming" feature is totally awful. It's too bad to use.
    Video loads too slowly. Videos can't able to play instantly after clicking Play button. It takes too much time to play any video for streaming. Moreover, if I swipe forward the playing it takes hell lot of time to play after rewind.
    And there has no video loading percentage showing when video is loading. If there has loaded video percentage showing as like UC Browser like this picture from UC & like this picture then we can able to guess that how long I've wait to see the video playing completely.

    And for Audio streaming, Opera Mini has a poor built in audio player. Audio's can't be rewind forward or backward. I don't wanna listen the whole audio file. If a audio file is 8 minutes long & if I've to listen after from 4 minutes duration, there has no way to do this.
    Opera Mini sucks at web media streaming.

    Now UC Browser upgraded its rendering engine from U3 Kernel to U4 kernel for better rendering, better streaming & in the meantime Opera Mini relys on Presto engine version 2.12.423 which is pretty old.

    There has a time when UC Browser sucks & Opera Mini Rocks. But now UC Rocks and poor Opera Mini Sucks as well. Thumbs Down. Boooooooo !!!!!!

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