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Opera and Antivirus

  • Psafe is a good choice?
    According to the Portuguese Wikipedia PSafe partnered with BitDefender so they use their anti-virus software in it.
    Read this link in Portuguese:
    It's a little old and maybe doesn't reflect how PSafe is now and your usage may be different, but it's relevant.

    I am afraid Psafe will make Opera slow down like Baidu Antivirus did.

  • Psafe is a Cloud Antivirus, I used to pay for TrendMicro for years and when they went to the Cloud I tried it and got immediatly infected, I will NEVER use or trust any AntiVirus that resides in the Cloud, The Antivirus and it's definitions HAS TO reside on my computer, I say NO to any Cloud Antivirus.

  • It's better to stay with known Companies with reputations that are known, that Psafe partnered up with Bitdefender is no garrantee that it's as good as Bitdefender which is an excellent antivirus, I couldnt even find any independent tests on Psafe, it's basically an unknown company from brazil, and ive never even seen it included in any independent lab tests that rate antiviruses.

  • Ok, I will come back to AVG

  • It also is worth remembering that whenever installing any free AV software to look closely to make sure you aren't also installing other software along with it (toolbars, etc) that can clutter a system or browser and slow it down. Sometimes you have to do "custom" free AV installs rather than "automatic" installations to even see what other software may be pushed your way. These bundled programs are how some companies pay for their "free" software offerings. Sometimes they'll be opt-in, sometimes opt-out... but it's always wise to check carefully at installation before the deed gets done.

  • Still... PSafe got good results in that AV-Comparatives single product test:

    A reply in Portuguese about it not detecting EICAR:
    (That forum is full of happy people though, so there's a chance they're fake accounts.)

    You dont use antivirus for any specific browser, you use it to protect you whichever browser you use and whatever else connects to the internet
    I agree, this is kind of off-topic in this forum, but at the same time some anti-virus like Baidu are known to the OP to have made Opera unable to load any new tabs (they keep blank and display "Loading...") and a feature on ESET has interfered with Opera before so I think it's a valid topic.

  • ESET is okay now, it seems to have overcome that issue. Or it's Opera that has changed something with its startup activity. Anyway, it works and I'm happy with it.

  • I am using AVG and it is working perfectly with Opera.

  • I used to do AVG, but I get Norton as part of my cable deal. A freebie. Lol. It seems to be working fine.

  • Did you have any problems with PSafe?

    @dvk-ru1 thanks for letting me know.

  • Does someone recomend any antivirus?

  • What's wrong with AVG ?, you were using that before.

  • I just want to change the antivirus, I do not know why

  • I just want to change the antivirus, I do not know why

    Well, if you don't know why you want to change a software then don't change it. 🙂

    If you really want to change, try the traditional ones: Windows Defender/MSE, Avira, AVG, Avast if you want a free one. Panda, Kapersky, Norton if you want commercial ones.

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