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Strip out Facebook garbage from Opera?

  • Whose bright idea was it to integrate Facepuke into Opera? Why is there no option to completely disable it?

    I despise FB with a passion, to the point where I'm about ready to abandon Opera completely over this, and I've been a faithful user (and paying customer at one time) for many, many years.

    I want to know what level of integration they have with Opera? Does it have any telemetry data collection? And more importantly, why is there no option to completely disable it, like with an addon?

    I don't know at what point it was integrated, I only just noticed it, but I really want some answers.

  • All the Facebook Messenger element in the side bar does is load the facebook webpage in a little pane. It's the same as loading it in a regular tab, only smaller.

    You would have to pin the sidebar, click on the Facebook Messenger icon, choose to open messenger and log in (if you haven't already logged into for it to work. Even then, all it does is load the web page so you can access your Facebook private messages.

    So, if you don't use it, it's not going to do anything. You can also right-click the sidebar and hide the icon if you want.

    There's zero worries here. Hope that helps.

  • And you can hide it if you like (which I did long ago).

    Already spoken of. Try the Suggestion section, you may gather support.

    My concern is, if it even takes resources to load the messenger on Opera start up then for sure it should be allow to be removed. If it doesn't and only takes resources to actually load the module when you first click on it in that session then it could stay I guess. But I doubt it's the latter, otherwise notifications won't work without the initial click. Not that they work anyway.

  • My concern is, if it even takes resources to load the messenger on Opera start up

    At least after you first enable it (click "open messenger), it probably fetches at startup. As for whether it does before that, you could probably confirm/deny with Wireshark. But, I don't think it does.

    So, as far as resources go, there's a page created in a separate opera process. WhatsApp and Telegram sidebar pages create their own processes too I think. But, they're not created until you choose "open name_of_app". When you hide the Facebook Messenger icon its process is closed out. You can verify this with the task manager. So, hiding looks like it kills the app/page.

  • stop whining sounds like you work for that junk browser firefox i love that i can message my friend and surf at same time keep up the good work opera love it dont listen to the whiners