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Need Help - How to remove Nation Zoom from Opera 12.15 ???

  • I'm not able to remove Nation Zoom (Hijack adaware softer) from my Opera

    Please can someone give me help ?

  • Thanks Pesala

    but that way I wasn't able to solve the problem (due to inconsistance of some indications)

    At the end seems I solved the problem

    I disinstalled the 12.16 version and reinstalled, but the problem was still there

    so I tried to install a 15 version and after a 18 version

    this two versions solved the problem, bus as I don't like the new interface of Opera in the 15 and 18 version

    I disinstalled it and doing some install and disinstall alternatively with the tre versions

    now I've a 12.15 version installed that has no problem with Nation Zoom

    Thanks again


  • Nation zoom is a very stubborn browser hijacker. Sometimes it is impossible to remove manually for people with few computer knowledge since nationzoom virus is able to alter your registries entries . Check this nationzoom removalguide if you still can not get rid of it.

  • At the moment I've no more problem with Nation Zoom

    but I Tried to download the suggested program (YAC - Yet Another Cleaner)

    Norton Antivirus deleted it and give a warning as "unsafe software"

    However Thanks for the suggestion


    p.s.: Sorry to report this

  • Usually, if one finds their computer or browser has been hijacked or infected by malware, it's the safest route to immediately visit one of the several online, better-known security forums to get assistance in removing it (DSLR, Wilders, Malwarebytes, etc). There are a lot of 'specialty' websites out there that appear in Google searches which offer specialized removal software that simply replaces existing malware with their own malware/adware. Or worse, leaves the original malware functional and simply adds to it. On the other hand, there are a number of 'recognized', safe removal techniques and tools that work very effectively against specific malware - but some of these require experienced help to correctly and safely walk you through the process. That's why the security forums exist...

  • blackbird71 I agree with you

    but my problem is who control the indication given in those forum ? (about who I know nothing)

    As far as I can know this is a sure forum, but the council given by jamiesheerin (that was certainly in good faith)

    led to add a problem rather than remove

    The reason for which I asked here was exactly to avoid dangerous answers



  • I do understand what you're saying. In the case of DSLR, they have a security "cleanup" forum ( dedicated strictly to cleaning up such problems, where the responders are experienced with such issues and have a stable of possible tools they both recommend and are well-experienced in using. Similarly for most "well-known" security forums like Wilders, Malwarebytes, and others... particularly if you pay attention to responses from persons who are either formally identified as site-connected or else have a lot of posts to their credit.

    One thing I've learned over the years is that if I have a software product question, I go to that software's forums first; if I have a malware problem, I go to a security forum; if I have an OS problem, I go to an OS forum for that OS. It's kind of like getting a medical problem resolved... it's best to go to a specialist in the appropriate sector. In any case, it seems as though you've got it resolved, and that's the main thing. If the malware does re-appear, definitely try a good security forum for some "professional" help, though.

  • Thaks