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Opera Mini on Android won't connect over Wi-Fi

  • I first encountered this error trying to load sites over Wi-Fi:

    "Verification of server certificate failed. Please check the date setting on your device." (I did, and it's correct.)

    If I switch to mobile data connection, sites load fine. But I need to use Wi-Fi at home.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version (24.0.2254.115784). It installs fine from the Play Store, however, when I attempt to run it the first time, the Opera "O" fills up with red, but then gives an error:

    "Connection blocked. Try switching network."

    Again, if I switch to mobile data, it works. But then I still have the same problem of being unable to load sites over Wi-Fi.

    I do have a firewall (AFWall+) installed, but I disabled it and the problem still occurs. Likewise I have AdAway installed, but I checked the DNS logs and whitelisted the domain that Opera is requesting (using * Regardless, I don't understand why AdAway would block Opera on Wi-Fi and not on the mobile data connection.


  • And did you try with that AdAway disabled?

  • Does it work with other WiFi APs?

    Various systems are deprecating some older certificates and transport layers. Are your WiFi and Android devices' firmware up to date?

    A similar issue hit me on a particular Radius install when Apple deprecated support for SSLv3 in iOS 10. Months later, I still can't get on their network via WiFi with my iPhone 6s. Annoyingly, my old iPhone 4s (which won't take iOS 10) still works fine there...


  • Confirming like phenomena for a Galaxy GT-N8000 and Pixi 4024e both running Android connecting via a Huawei
    WiFi modem on a 3G SIM.

    As a comment? It appears the core of these glitches begins with version releases not being tested
    across ensembles of platforms as a popular method to have the public beta test software without being
    told that is the function of the release.
    Very annoying and not how stable (?) versions should be promoted.
    Unfortunately the attitude by coders is a viral epidemic across many Internet functions today.


  • @5parra, this has nothing to do with testing. We test as much as we can given the resources we have. Using a 3rd party firewall on Android is not a standard solution and such problem may occur to only small amount of people. I wish we could help everyone with their problem, but we just can't.

    Do you have any apps like firewalls, antivirus, parental control etc. installed on your Android devices? If not could you tell what is your SIM card operator?

    @kentchristopher, I suspect that AdAway tries to inspect SSL traffic, therefore you get "Certificate verification failed". It is possible that Opera Mini connect to different servers when using WiFi and mobile, that most often depends on operator.

  • @kentchristopher:

    similar problems here since om24 using afwall+ and adaway with netlog on rooted kitkat.

    i had to roll back, currently running om19, as it cooperates w 3rd party video downloaders.