Non-Official Opera browser feature survey

  • What do you mean?

    I mean that including too much question in a survey may not be a good thing to do.

    Too many questions may lead people to abandon the survey. And limiting the survey to the most requested features will give an idea on what are the most wanted among the most wanted.

  • It's OK, but there are many small features missing, and it is more possible that those will be implemented, than bigger ones like tab stacking.

    Anyway, I hope they start implementing them, and I can shorten the list in time. 馃檪

  • [Survey item Suggestion]

    Show context menu when selecting text

  • [Survey item Suggestion]
    Show context menu when selecting text

    The whole context menu? I don't think it's a good idea.

    • Customising shortcuts.
    • Sophisticated download manager (see recent requests).
    • Confirmation on the browser exit (options: off, multiple windows, multiple tabs, always).
    • Comprehensive bookmarks manager, with tagging, descriptions/comments perhaps, various sorting options.

    By me.
    Just recently had an idea of a new feature - a lights out mode. It's like if or when you won't or can't properly use full screen to game or watch a video, nor you're eager to F11 the pane for whatever reason(s) -- then you can toggle this "cinema" mode: everything stays put, just the whole theme and colours go grey or dark grey. Especially - or also - it could be useful at night times, to reduce the overall screen brightness when whatever's going on.

  • The whole context menu?

    Is this whole?


  • As a person with a disability, that affects my hands and arm movements and makes it difficult to use a mouse, I would like to see some things changed:

    1. Right click on a tab and the menu shows Reload tab

    2. URL field, right click and have Paste & Go in the menu

    3. The ability to remove certain search engines as it is VERY frustrating to click on the crap ones due to muscle spasms - I want to click on the one I want and not one that Opera may want me to use.

    4. The ability to customize the URL bar so I can put the most used extension icons at my fingertips instead of having to add a lot of extra clicks to get to the extension I want.

    5. Get the old fashioned menu bar back as it is easier to use

    I used Opera when it first came out years ago and loved it until some of the changes were made - then I uninstalled it and haven't used it for years. I found Firefox to be more customizable so have stuck with them. If Opera brought back the customization I need I would use it as my default browser. Until that point I cannot and you can be fairly sure many people with disabilities feel the same way.

  • URL field, right click and have Paste & Go in the menu

    This one is already there.

    Get the old fashioned menu bar back as it is easier to use

    How exactly it's easier to use?

  • Sign in to your Google account to fill out this form. You're joking right?

    There's no way I'm signing into anything that has to do with Google.

  • Sign in to your Google account to fill out this form. You're joking right?

    You read the entire topic before posting, right? It was already addressed.

  • Note: This topic is to discuss the survey only. Do not use it to do suggestions or requests for Opera.

  • Note: This topic is to discuss the survey only. Do not use it to do suggestions or requests for Opera.

    Oops! JUST was about to answer you on "how exactly it's easier to use" 馃槈

  • I'd like to say thanks to all the contributors. Let me react all the things from the past 10 days in this comment!

    • There are 79 submissions as of now. I guess it's not bad, considering the time elapsed. But I'd like to have at least a few hundreds, so please share the link with as much people as you can.
    • I've got positive feedback from the developers. No promises, but they keep an eye on it.
    • I've recently added a few new requests and some clarifications. If you've already submitted your answers, please open the link again, and answer the new questions! (If you can't find your suggestions on the list, please note in a comment! It can be because it's too specific or too broad, or it is already included as part of an other request.)
    • As of now, the most wanted features are the following: tab stacking, rearranging extension icons, warning on window close, manual element blocking, click-to-play on HTML5 videos, extension sync, session manager, choose a custom search engine as default and the ability to change the search engine of the speed dial and the toolbar search box. (You can see the details if you open the survey again.)
    • A few of you have noted that you don't create a Google account just to submit your answers. I completely understand your point of views, but for now, I won't make the survey open. I'd like to prevent flooding and data manipulation as much as possible. However, I may open it in the future, when we have much more submissions. (For those who fear personal data collection, the survey does not share your user name, IP or other personal data with me. You can create a Google Form anytime to check it.)

    Thank you all again! Let's spread the word!

  • [Mod note: this topic is not to make suggestion or requests]

  • Please, @Gofool,
    post in Suggestions Box and give a nice formating to the post "Check MarkDown, ""right left posting box"", and don't shout, use Bold if you need, otherwise, your post could be removed and/or not read.

  • @nekomajin
    It needs notification for newly added features in survey.

  • [Survey item Suggestion]

    Shortcut for VPN toggle

  • No where in the survey did it talk about customizing the UI and/or reverting back to 44 and older.

  • What do you mean by customizing the UI? There is a whole section of UI features.

    About the latter, there is a question about native UI.

  • Responses updated. 馃啓

    The option, Both, to allow customization, could be considered the allow customization even in Built in mode, as in Opera Presto?

    I don't know if you mean this or using an external extension to complete more options.

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