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Separate search box

  • Try to honest for a change. I attack no one. I defend Opera against jerks who bully, ridicule, demean, threaten, whine, complain, lie, give false information and generally stir up trouble. You are one such character. Just go away.

    You're delusional. People, who are Opera fans voice their displeasure with the current iteration and you jump on your high horse and try to correct spelling(which didn't need it), tell them that their opinions are wrong, that they are idiots and that they should go play in traffic. You accuse me of being negative while neglecting the positive remarks I made which clearly shows what you are drawn to. Then you run to the mods. You are easily the biggest baby around here.

    This is the Opera forum, that means users old and new come here for help and opinions. You yourself suggest people stick with the Presto version for now yet whine when someone prefers it and voices their displeasure with the new one. Just look at this thread, you have yet to address the question the original poster presented in spite of responding 7 times!smh. My first post on the other hand was a direct response to what was being asked. You, as always, only chime in to make it personal, rinse and repeat.

    You best check yourself before you wreck yourself

  • to grierzo

    thank you for your time.

    it's appreciated.

    only think i can think is to refer people to wayback machine if i can find an operable link.

  • @danneely

    You wanted an extension to add a search box separate from the address box in Opera 20. The closest I've come to that seems to be this extension you could add to Opera from the Chrome store. It is called "Searchbar," and you can find it at the link below.

    Apparently to search from the bar, all you need to do to display the bar is press the f4 key. Then the search bar comes out. You can add search engines to the bar by going to the website of the search engine, and right clicking on the search bar there. Pressing the f4 key is no big deal. If you don't want to search from the address bar, and want to use your own favorite search engine, this looks like something worth exploring. You can also search from selected (highlighted?) text without having to type the search (a timesaver there)

    Now I haven't tried it (so I'm basing it on a description of features of the searchbar), as I like using the Disconnect Search extension that I discussed earlier in this thread. But it does look promising for what you were asking for.

  • To brianokane, a bit late, but - you're welcome, and sorry I couldn't help more. Hope the wayback machine was able to help you.

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