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New Opera Neon - concept browser

  • Description:Yea, Hello There, I got some problems with Neon Opera. First thing i noiticed bein in youtube, theres things like blue texts, and they dupe, when i preess it it makes google search wtf?! Second, sometimes it turns off browser when i try to go to gmail. And theres no adblock sadly :(. Btw, all interior and theme for Neon opera is great, but becouse its neon, you can add new themes like glowing sides that changes colour like neon.

  • I encountered a problem on Opera Neon:
    If I delete the userdata file I will use it normally, otherwise it will hang.
    But every time I use it, the userdata file appears

  • Hello!

    I'm using opera neon browser, When i open it for like 5 minutes and it closes auto...

    Thanks for helping.

  • I was wondering if there might be 64 Bit version?

    I know there is 64 Bit version for Mac.

  • Opera Neon will never be updated; if they didn't do a 64-bit version at the time they won't be doing one. Neon was listed as a Concept version, which means a demo for things they might like to do in their regular browser at some time in the future.

  • might be a little late and i'm sorry if someone already suggested this, but the only thing that worked for me, was to start the application as an administrator.

  • @leocg it means your make space to use other browser too. 😕😕😬
    You add all Opera facilities to it then users will shift complete usage to it.. or jocking with worthy customers??

    • list item
      Daily new browser & new apps just for 6 months support from you is nothing a 20+y old company's job.
  • @mohmadsharifjamali Welcome to your first forum. Here is a tip for you, from the universal forum rules: if the post/topic you are replying to is older than a week, think 100 times before posting your reply. If that post/topic is older than a month, don't post any replies unless you are bringing the solution of the problem or something really useful and relevant to the discussion.

  • I installed Neon on my Windows 10 Dell desktop, after opening it it will not close, I have to use Task Manager to end task, shut it down. I tried to uninstall it and it will not uninstall, it tries to open the uninstall window but it is blank and again I have to use Task Manager to close it out. Tried re-downloading and reinstalling it, same results. Tried to use Revo Uninstaller, it cannot uninstall it ether.

    I looked in the Opera program file, there is no uninstaller.exe file in the folder, that is telling me you made it so that it cannot be self uninstalled.

    So How do I get this OFF my computer??

  • @kildonon Did you try the most common way, that is use control panel or Windows settings?

  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg Yes, absolutely, that starts the uninstaller which opens in an Opera Neon browser window, that freezes and you cannot get to it. It does not show in windows Program Files folder, so it cannot be deleted that way either.

  • @leocg Ha! I think I finally found a way to uninstall it. At least I think it worked for me. I had to go through the start menu, find Opera Neon, right click on the icon and select uninstall. Now it seems to be off my computer although it did not give me any popup or confirmation of this, but it is no longer listed in my add/remove programs list.

  • I love opera neon it's best browser in the world just add something like supporting Prime video couple of new api for flash file, make it regular that's it.

  • Just kidding, the Icon went away, until I restarted my computer, now Opera Neon is back, with all of the icons, desktop, start menu, and task bar. Please create an uninstaller for this browser. It doesn't work for me and cannot be deleted or removed.

  • @kildonon There's something wrong with your Neon installation or with your system.

  • Okay so I'm trying to play videos on Amazon Prime Video and it tells me this "A later version of Google Chrome is required for Prime Video. To update, click the Chrome menu (three horizontal stripes) on the browser toolbar, click About Google Chrome, and then click Relaunch." Any help? Obviously I am using Opera Neon, not Chrome.

  • @mnajera Since Neon will not be updated, you need to use the regular Opera.

  • Neon today is very much a security hazard. Ditch it right now.
    It was a concept to showcase cutting table features.

  • @rudrick oh 😞 sad to hear that

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