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to make portable version as default browser

  • It is cited by Opera that portable version does not support this. But I cannot help requesting this feature. Yes, Chromium may not support this. But it is my wish. There is even a program to do this for portable firefox.

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    It can't be made default browser because it's not registered on Windows when installing so Windows doesn't know that it exists and therefore can not list it under possible default programs.

  • change opera file posistion string, save following as a .reg file and execute it. then you can see it in your default program settings in windows 7. reference RegisterFirefoxPortable.exe and

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @="Opera HTML"




    @=""D:\360\Opera\launcher.exe" -url "%1""

    @="Opera URL"
    "URL Protocol"=""




    @=""D:\360\Opera\launcher.exe" -url "%1""

    "LocalizedString"="Opera Portable Edition"
    @="Opera Portable"

    "ApplicationName"="Opera Portable Edition"
    "ApplicationDescription"="Opera web browser bundled with a Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords with you."









    @=""D:\360\Opera\launcher.exe" -preferences"

    "Opera Portable"="Software\Clients\StartMenuInternet\OperaPortable\Capabilities"

  • This definitely needs to be added - especially because of the way Windows is going ( With sync across pcs, etc.. ).. Not to mention how annoying it is to have to reinstall all of your apps on any PC you use...

    I have, for a long time now, been using cloud based services such as Dropbox - and now OneDrive or whatever which is tied into Windows 10 - to have my applications accessible to all of my computers...

    Basically, I have it setup so OneDrive\Apps<App Folder>\ has my portable apps and I have bat files to "install" - ie one time setup if needed... At the least, adding shortcuts, at the most, editing the registry, etc...

    One other example of this is my AcecoolAHK_Framework - AutoHotkey which I run on all of my PCs - it is a framework which automatically builds loader-files by reading the files in certain folders ( and certain folders have certain permissions - ie to execute an ahk script by including it in the framework meaning one icon in the tray, or to execute it external to the framework so it runs by itself.. the run folder also supports exes, bat files and so on for the addons_exe folder... addons_run runs externally, addons_inc includes them... a classes folder for objects, libraries and so on although I'm moving more towards my AcecoolDev_Framework which is something else...

    All I do is run one bat file to add a few things to the registry, replace the default AutoHotkey.ahk script in documents, add a symbolic link to the libraries folder at Dropbox\AcecoolAHK_Framework\libraries\ and done...

    Mobile applications are where things are going - well... where they'll continue to go... for many applications, and a browser should be no exception because each browser is tailored to each individual, and installing them takes forever...

    Being able to have a browser in a cloud-shared-across-your-devices folder with a simple setup for that pc ( either run once to set up anything that needs to be set up... or run a setup file such as a bat file ) is how things should be... It is how I do things for as much as possible. I do this because of the limited amount of time I have to do anything at all - every bit of time savings means more time that I can spend doing something else...

    Maybe we simply need a new category for apps.. Instead of hardcoded-to-a-single-pc, and Portable, something along the lines of Cloud-Shared, cloud-installed....

    In programming, I have decades of experience with dozens of languages under my belt - I am an expert -, we don't hard-code anything... We use configuration for user and application setup / options... We use enumeration and constants with meaningful names for making our programs read elegantly with those placed in definition files or automatically generated, or for constants in a definitions config file or loaded via configuration....

    Why should be "hard-code" our programs to a single PC? I appreciate that there is a syncing ability in most browsers, but it still requires the app to be installed... Not to mention with the drawbacks in Opera ( where you can't organize the extensions toolbar, being sorted by install time ) when it is synced, everything is installed as it comes instead of as it was set up...