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Which was the best version of Opera?

  • Originally posted by smurfinaus:

    Originally posted by blackbird71:

    One thing to consider doing is to also install the latest Opera final-release version and keep it auto-updated as a secondary browser, just to see where Opera goes with their design evolution. Things have progressed slowly thus far, but more changes are in store, and one never knows what will appear over the next 10-15 versions. My own best guess, based on rate of change thus far, is that Opera might possibly become a serious contender again by around June of 2014. I had hoped they'd be there by the end of 2013, but that's the way it goes sometimes...

    Im curious why you would say that?. I know forums are only a small % of any userbase (for anything really) but judging from the outrage since the change over, i would have thought many would stick with older versions (ive used Opera since the early days and mega disappointed of the changeover to new engine), or looked elsewhere....

    Btw, are there actually any other browsers to try which aren't basically a reskinned IE,Mozilla or Chrome?

    If you follow the train of posts leading up to mine, werewolf already established that he'd reinstalled 12.16 on his system. Then he noted he was using Firefox and Chrome as primary and secondary browsers. Then he asked for other ideas. My response simply indicated some alternate browsers I've come across to eventually, possibly replace 12.16 (since that version will become increasingly obsolete and site-incompatible). Along with those possible alternate browsers, I mentioned (in the part you quoted) the New Opera and suggested installing it as well, and keeping auto-update alive in it so as to stay abreast of improvements Opera is making as they go along. While various users may not like New Opera at this point, time and continuing development may change that, and it might be useful for the OP to have the latest Opera version on his system as it evolves just to see if at some point it suffices for what he needs.

    Otherwise, I believe there is at least one non-IE/Mozilla/Chrome "full-function" browser out there: Dooble. One of the main problems I have with Dooble is its forced use of peculiar search engines. I assume your 're-skinned' rhetoric is a way of asking if there are other browsers not using the rendering engines for IE/Mozilla/Chrome. Just keep in mind, though, that there's a LOT more to a browser than the mere rendering engine underneath it.

  • Waking up an old thread... I've been running Opera 12.14 rather than the new Chrome versions, I'm just curious: How's the latest Chrome version? (Opera 23) Does it still suck compared to the 12.x era? Or has Opera finally gotten it back to being an awesome browser?

  • Opera 12.16 for sure! NO auto update (I don't want to update IF I thin it's working well - there are always betas..), Easy to config how you want (Preferences, Appearances) , BLANK start page, fast start up. Just few that came my mind. Thx all those - I use 2 Opera versions - 12.16 if I get fed up with current 23.x.... Hard to use any other browser but if Opera goes this path....might have to change.

  • I've been using Firefox but it has been crashing my computer lately so I'm in the market for a new browser again. Is anyone still using Opera 12.16, and where would I go to download it? Which of the other browsers mentioned above have good bookmark sidebars, like Firefox has, and Opera used to have?

  • The latest Presto version is now 12.17, and it's available here -

  • Hey, thanks! 12.17? Did they update it?

  • It's good to have good old real Opera back again!

  • Well... I'm glad you're happy with 12.17. It "is" updated in terms of having had security patches made. It will not be "updated" in terms of further development. How long Opera will continue to provide security patches remains uncertain and be aware that many sites will no longer play nicely with Opera 12. It is what it is: a dated browser that can still function, albeit not like it once could. And of course, things will only get worse as time passes.

  • Leushino, don't be forgetting that Opera and "Opera" are different browsers. Yes, just that.
    The same name is abomination.

  • Chropera is entirely different browser. Not just technically, but ideologically. I won't call it the worst or the best from the Chromoium-based category, but it's just nothing to do with the "real" Opera.

  • The real Opera is the one that is being developed, the other is just past that some does not want to forget.

  • So long as THE FIRST browser exists, the "new Opera" is an impostor, Sidney.

  • Yes, the "new" Opera is an imposter, a usurper, lock it up! Get rid of it!

  • Well... that's not going to happen, so wake up and smell the coffee. You and a few hundred others can whine all you like but that will not change a thing. Opera Presto is dead in terms of no longer being developed nor will it be. If you want to use it be my guest. Understand that as I said earlier, you are going to run into sites that will not render properly and this will happen on an increasing NOT decreasing basis. If you want to engage in juvenile name-calling (i.e. Chopera) then understand that you will be perceived as spoiled children calling names on a school playground and as such you will be dismissed. If you have special features you miss, post them "respectfully" in the Suggestion Box where developers will see them and consider them. Posting nasty comments like naughty children will not win you any friends among the developer community.

  • @leushino
    For Christs sake, just bring side panel (preferably accessible via extensions API), and users will make new Opera into old one. Bookmarks, Vertical arrangement of tabs, Notes and so on. Slimjet browser has already a sidepanel with bookmarks, so Opera devs YOU should WAKE UP or your browser will die in few years! Your browser can do nothing more than any other Chromium (blink based) browser

  • whine


    If you want to engage in juvenile name-calling...

    Well, there is Opera - and there is Opera. Who's juvenile here?

  • I just came across this article:

    "Time to move on: Final patch for Opera 12 due by mid-2014

    Summary: Opera appears to have made up its mind on the question of updates for Opera 12: the last will come by mid-2014, along with an automatic update that will push millions over to the new browser.

  • The old Opera is the imposter because the new Opera is the main.


  • whine

    If you want to engage in juvenile name-calling...

    Well, there is Opera - and there is Opera. Who's juvenile here?

    Do you EVER post anything in a mature, reasonable fashion or is that beyond your comprehension. Grow up.