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  • First of all I'm am new to the forum and would like to start off with a big kudos to the development team at Opera for the massive improvements made to the browser over the years to bring it to where it is right now.

    Truth be told I had stopped following Opera news a while back and had only relied on Opera's built in update feature to provide me with the latest and greatest, so imagine my surprise when 2 days ago I go to the website and end up downloading version 20 of opera instead of 12 which I had been using for, well can't remember how long.

    First impressions are great. Sites load a lot faster, MUCH lower memory usage (down from 500+ MB to about 50 MB for the same number of tabs) and no more jerky and unpredictable responses from scrolling. Everything was on the right track except when it came to downloads.

    I predominantly use Opera for browsing and retrieving data from servers and sometimes this data can be on the large side. And the best part about Opera up through version 12 was that it had a very good/robust download manager. The one feature I miss the most is the fact that it would download files without any funny extensions added to them (i.e. .download or .part) so that (especially for video files and collaborations) I can stream or watch this content straight away without waiting for it to finish downloading. And also it was similar to a proper file manager in that I could right click and chose what function to do including open with a specific program or delete from hard drive.

    Any idea if this is something that would be coming back or should I go back to 12 if this is something I really desire as a feature in my choice of browser? For truth be told I already have Chrome on my computer for everyday browsing because (compared to opera 12) it has smoother operation and better web page representation (fonts, page layout handling, etc.), and Opera for all my work. But if the One feature I used Opera for is gone it seems redundant that I should have 2 browsers for the same purpose.

    Forgive me if my question seems a bit wordy, or if it has been asked before, but a search of the forums failed to result in anything relating to me (or I just failed to see it) and so I wanted to be clear as possible when asking.


  • Any idea if this is something that would be coming back

    Honest answer: no idea. Would be nice, but I kind of doubt it.

  • Thanks sgunhouse, any idea if there is a feedback page/form I could fill out? And if there was would it be worth it?

    Moved back to 12.16 by the way. Extremely sluggish in comparison now, but at least does what I want.